Workout Wednesday – Landmine Lean Leg Lower Body Complex

lean leg lower body complex Hey ladies! I can’t promise you long lean muscles because thats a myth – genetics determine the length of your muscles. Everyones muscle insertion points are different. So, the next time you see an advertisement for long muscles through “xyz” workout, it’s a marketing tactic that likes to prey on women’s insecurities about their bodies.

As you may know getting stronger will surely make you leaner but you can’t elongate your muscles with certain exercises.

Lets work with your unique beautiful anatomy!

Today’s workout will you give you an awesome leg workout that’s fun, challenging, breathless, and will certainly make your legs stronger.

I’m all about giving you the best bang for your buck by combing strength and conditioning into one workout because you are busy.

I hope you like it! Give it a shot and let me know how it goes.

Todays workout:
Landmine Lower Body Complex

* Equipment – Barbell and the amount of weight you would like.
* No problem if you don’t have a landmine base. Stick your bar in a corner or in the center of a plate.
* 4-5 rounds – rest as needed

1. Squat – 10 reps
2. Romanian Deadlift – 10 reps
3. Reverse Lunge – 5 reps per side – 10 total
4. Jump Squats 10

Rest and Repeat for prescribed rounds.

Check the workout on the Tube!

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