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Welcome to the first day of the rest of your strong-ass life

Lift heavy. Get strong. Feel incredible.

No gains? I gotchu.

There’s nothing more frustrating than working your butt off and not seeing the results you want.

Maybe you’ve been doing those #fitspo workouts for years, but still can’t do a proper pushup.

Or you’re spending hours on the treadmill, but you aren’t getting toned.

Or you’re lifting weights, but those newbie gains are long gone and you’ve hit a wall.

No disrespect—it’s just a fact: If you aren’t getting stronger despite all that hard work, something’s gotta change.


Trouble is, most people try to get strong the WRONG way.

Women get especially bad advice from the fitness industry about how to gain strength and build muscle.

Stop me if this sounds familiar:

  • You keep your heart rate high and your weights low because you don’t want to get “too bulky”

  • You do random circuit-style workouts with tons of different exercises per workout to “keep your body guessing”

  • You don’t rest between sets. Gotta keep that heart rate up … right? (Looking at you, BODYPUMP.)

  • You focus on isolation exercises that target just one muscle at a time

  • You eat like a bird and still expect to gain muscle

Sis, I got news. Random workouts get you random results.

After 3 months on the Stronger Way Program, I am totally impressed. As a fitness professional myself I needed someone to keep me accountable and to give me a plan that was easy to follow and provided specific guidance on how to get stronger in my own gym. The monthly check-in, video examples, and detailed plan was just what I needed. I look forward now to working with Coach Candace over the next 12 months. Can’t wait to see what consistent work looks like if you put in that work.

RANDOM WORKOUTS LEAD To RANDOM RESULTS. So Glad to finally have a plan.

- Erica

Want to become the strongest version of you? Listen up.

  • Lifting heavy won’t make you bulky—but it will make you stronger

  • Those “free” workouts from Insta and YouTube are costing you gains—repetition gets results

  • Your body needs fuel and rest to thrive—you gotta feed those muscles

I see it all the time. Random workouts, bad form, too much cardio, and too little food … All of it leads to plateau, frustration, and even injury.
YES—give me some structure!

Want to become the strongest version of you? Listen up.

  • Lifting heavy won’t make you bulky—but it will make you stronger

  • Those “free” workouts from Insta and YouTube are costing you gains—repetition gets results

  • Your body needs fuel and rest to thrive—you gotta feed those muscles

I see it all the time. Random workouts, bad form, too much cardio, and too little food … All of it leads to plateau, frustration, and even injury.
YES—give me some structure!

The good news is: there’s a better way. The STRONGER Way.

Don’t believe all the BS you’ve heard about women and weight lifting. Women can—and should—lift heavy things. It’s good for our muscles, our bones, and our minds.

(And no, you won’t get “bulky” muscles. Just the body of a woman who owns her strength.)

Your body needs repetition via a structured lifting program, plenty of fuel, and rest—even during workouts.

Want proof? Look at your current level of fitness and tell me honestly: are you as strong as you can be?

I didn’t think so.

I would rank this program a 10/10! You really get the full package with having a trainer like Candace…I’m impressed with the result and I would recommend THE STRONGER Way program to anyone!
- Natasha

I've been there too, girl—and I can help.

Forget what your Orangetheory coach told you. Keeping your heart rate high doesn’t get you strong. Lifting heavy things does.

Aren’t you tired of:

  • Struggling to do a pushup or a pullup after YEARS of working out

  • Searching for random workouts online when you’re ready to train

  • Jumping on the latest fad diet and feeling depleted despite the struggle

Instead, you could:
  • Lift heavy and feel like a badass when you finally PR that deadlift

  • Prevent injury by strengthening your major muscle groups the right way

  • Eat more to fuel those hardworking muscles and develop curves

Let's get you there

Hey, STRONG friend, hey! I’m Candace.

Like most women, my fitness journey started out as a weight-loss journey.

In my quest for the “perfect” body, I’ve done everything from spending hours on an elliptical to eating nothing but boiled chicken and green beans.

I’ve heard all the same myths you have: that lifting too heavy will make you look like a man, that thin = beautiful, and that women should always strive for physical perfection.

I’m not about those lies.

In my 14 years as a coach, I’ve learned what gets results and what doesn’t. I’ve helped hundreds of women improve their health, fitness, and confidence.

My passion is in helping women break the diet cycle and become the best version of themselves through heavy lifting, healthy eating habits, and some good old self-love.

I want you to feel EMPOWERED when you hit the gym, confident that you know what you’re doing, and riding high on the progress you’re seeing.

Your gains and your goals are yours. I’m not here to fit you into a mold. I’m here to help you achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals so you can live a life you love.

Let’s do this.

I feel like fitness programs for women focus on high cardio, dropping a food group like carbs, or starving ourselves. Any weight training is often bodyweight only to avoid getting "bulky."

This is not what Candace provides! Since starting the program, I've seen better muscle definition, increased the amount of weight I can lift, and many everyday accountable have become easier - like giving my 10-year-old a piggyback ride!

Candace also provides advice to help with the mental challenges that come with exercise - when progress isn't linear, daily stresses, limited access to weights/gym, etc. Her approach focuses on consistency without gimmicks.

- Natasha

The STRONGER Way is NOT your basic fitness program.

It’s a program for badass women who are ready to lift heavy, challenge their bodies, and get after that PR—without killing themselves doing it.

We keep things sane, simple, and sustainable.

Yes, you’ll lift heavy and work hard. But you’ll get the programming and support you need to make real progress.

The STRONGER Way is a monthly strength training program designed to help you get strong, build muscle, and perfect your form.

It’s a professional strength training program, feedback platform, and support group all in one.
  • Fuel your workouts with real food

  • Build strength with big lifts

  • Get support through monthly group coaching calls or daily on Slack

  • Weekly video reviews to improve your form and prevent injury

Take your fitness to the next level

Learn to love your workouts again.

The STRONGER Way is all about:

    Lifting > Cardio

    Lifting heavy things is our priority. Cardio is just a side dish.

    Performance > aesthetics

    When you focus on performance, those body goals achieve themselves.

    Real coaching > self-coaching

    Get done-for-you programming and movement feedback from a pro coach.

    Real food > fad diets

    Eat to support your body and your gains.
This amazing woman has been my personal trainer for the past two years. What we've done over those two years has had little to do with "exercise" and a whole lot to do with strength, nutrition, growth, and major bonding. She has taught me when to push, when to rest, and that it's ok to eat, enjoy all aspects of life, and to heal when necessary. She and her amazing husband Jeff are moving to Texas. I'm going to miss her. She's my superhero of all things female! Love you, Candace Smith
- Karen

The STRONGER Way is a professionally-designed, done-for-you strength training program. Over 12 weeks, you’ll do 3 strength training sessions a week (plus a bonus conditioning workout if you want).

Training blocks rotate every 4 weeks to keep you building muscle and seeing those steady improvements.

The STRONGER Way Training Program includes:

3 full-body training sessions per week programmed for 4-5 weeks at a time
Optional Cardio and core sessions per week
Dynamic mobility warmups (movement prep) to get you ready to lift
Demos of each exercise so you know exactly what to do
Monthly office hour coaching call on Zoom: each month - the first Wednesday of every month, we meet “IRL” for a Q&A session as well to discuss your progress, get personalized support, and celebrate your wins
Form checks and coaching feedback on your lifts: up to 3 video form checks per week so I can maximize your training time and minimize your risk of injury
Ongoing coaching with me via our Slack Group Community: I’ll provide feedback, support, accountability and monitor your progress every step of the way

Candace was just what I needed! I am a 43-year-old woman who has always tried to stay fit. However, my workouts had ceased to make the difference I was wanting to see. I was spending 30 minutes to an hour on an elliptical, but was seeing no results.

Candace worked with me to customize a fitness plan that condensed my workouts and optimized my time. I ended up spending less time in the gym and seeing significant changes in my body. Instead of shooting for "skinny", I began seeking a strong, fit body. The results? A year after we stopped working together I am still feeling confident and in control of my fitness level. Thanks, Candace!!!!

- Samantha

Are you ready for The STRONGER Way?

This is NOT a diet or weight-loss program. If your biggest goals involve looking skinny in yoga pants, you should probably look elsewhere.

You won’t find any “lose weight quick” schemes here. Just a no-nonsense workout plan and the feedback you need to skip past overwhelm and self-doubt into the strongest, most confident version of you.

The STRONGER Way isn’t for beginners or weightlifting newbies. No shade, though—more power to anyone who’s getting their lift on! Come back and join us when you’ve got some lifts under your belt.

We keep it positive, but there’s no empty cheerleading here. Just real advice that will get you real results.

The STRONGER Way is where you belong if:

  • It’s been a while since your last PR, and you’re ready for that “hell yeah” feeling

  • You want to look like you lift—but fitness and performance are just as important

  • You believe that strong is beautiful

  • You’re ready to challenge yourself and take on harder workouts that take you (safely) outside your comfort zone

  • You want a healthy place to heal your relationship with food and/or exercise

  • You want to get #StrongAF

  • Ready for a weight lifting workout program you LOVE?

    Let’s get it.

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    Candace’s workouts are simply unmatched. Each and every exercise has a purpose, and the intensity level is always exactly what I need! The way each workout is uniquely designed proves her expertise in the fitness industry. Her workouts and coaching have pushed me in ways I could never have done on my own, helping me to gain strength, drop body fat, build feminine curves, and reach new levels of overall fitness. She’s the real deal!
    - Sarah

    Frequently Asked Questions

    First, you’ll get a virtual high-five in the form of a welcome email. That email will go over all the next steps so you know exactly how to jump into the STRONGER Way training program.

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    Candace is an amazing trainer because I feel that she approaches diet and fitness the RIGHT way. She never let me starve myself and encouraged me to enjoy the foods I liked in moderation. With patience and consistent workouts, I started to see results. The results I have received from training with her have been results that last! This is coming from a chick that has tried multiple ways to lose weight (Insanity, CrossFit, etc.).

    She creates workouts for me that are consistent, so I don’t have to think when I enter the gym. This way I can see myself progress over time. She would incorporate fun short cardio tidbits to ensure that I got my heart racing but not dreading it at the same time. I highly encourage anyone to hire her as a fitness coach. Her style of training is definitely a lifestyle, not a fad.

    - Pevee