“I was 51 years old when I began training with Candace. I was actively exercising when we began but was starting to have knee pain. I was also motivated to learn how to do push ups. My goals therefore were for her to check my form and to learn a new skill. I had never had personal training before and, quite honestly, was a little intimidated initially. Candace is affirming and encouraging in her approach. She sets reasonable goals and would never allow me to be unreasonable with myself. She kept our work outs interesting, fun, and challenging…always pushing me to try something new or just have fun with what we were doing. She was skilled at injury recovery and knew when to adapt when I just wasn’t feeling it. My biggest surprise in working with Candace is the amount of information I learned about the role of nutrition in strength and overall health. Candace was always responsive between sessions. She stays on top of research and industry trends so her responses are educated and informed. My initial thought was that I would meet with Candace for six sessions…that turned into two years because her role became invaluable to my progress! I am stronger, more confident, and generally more healthy today as a result of Candace’s expertise. I would highly recommend her!”
Karen C.

“Candace is an amazing trainer because I feel that she approaches diet and fitness the RIGHT way. She never let me starve myself and encouraged me to enjoy the foods I liked in moderation. With patience and consistant workouts, I started to see results. The results I have received from training with her have been results that lasts! This is coming from a chick that has tried multiple ways to lose weight (Insanity, CrossFit, etc.). She creates workouts for me that are consistent so I don’t have to think when I enter the gym. This way I can see myself progress over time. She would incorporate fun short cardio tid bits to ensure that I got my heart racing but not dreading it at the same time. I highly encourage anyone hire her as a fitness coach. Her style of training is a definitely a lifestyle, not a fad.”

“Candace is amazing to work with! She’s flexible in her schedule and her work ethic is fantastic. She can give you a great work out in whatever time frame you have. She’s knowledgeable and likes to share this knowledge to help her clients make the best lifestyle changes for them to meet their fitness goals. You will not regret working out with her!”
Jennifer M.

“Candace is an awesome personal trainer! She really cares about your goals and is hungry to never stop learning and growing in her field. She will make herself available to best suit your needs, whether that means meeting you at a gym, or personally training with her in own facilities one on one.”
Caitlin H.

“Candace is great! She was an awesome trainer and very easy to talk to about goals and concerns!! Very knowledgeable, motivating, and kind!”

“I have worked with several trainers before. Candace was highly motivating, very knowledgeable and never got boring.”
Samantha S.

“I loved the butt and gut classes with Candace at Legendary Fitness. I also had her train me once a week. Candace is very compassionate and informative about excersie,nutrition, vitamins and your overall health. She is truly missed!:)”
Shelby G.

“Candance is a great personal trainer! Very motivational, she makes sure you do what you say you want to do! She knows how to have fun and hit the target areas that I was seeking.”
Brittany M.

“I had a wonderful, challenging yet enjoyable experience training with Candice and I would and will be hiring her to train me again soon! I love her attitude and how she inspired me to push myself. I gained muscle strength and tone that helped me have less back and body musculoskeletal pain. Candice is one of the best trainers in the region!”
Erin H.