Burning and Breathless Barbell Complex

{Workout Wednesday} Burning and Breathless Barbell Complex
burning and breathless barbell complex
Hey y’all, Happy Hump Day!
I’ve got another Barbell Complex for you! This one is Burning and Breathless. I’ve been really enjoying putting this together, their fun and quick.
FYI – A barbell complex is a series of exercises performed back to back. You are to complete all the reps for each movement before moving on to the next exercise and keeping the barbell in your hands to you finish all movements.
The workout as follows:
✅ 4-5 Rounds
✅5-6 Reps
✅Don’t put the bar down until you finish the last exercise!
1. Snatch Grip Romanian Deadlifts
2. Muscle Snatch
3. Alternating Forward Lunges
4. Front Squats
5. Muscle Cleans
Get er done! You can adjust reps and rounds to your desire. If you need the rest take it. Just don’t sit the barbell down, take your breathe or two and hit it again. You’ll be burning and breathless and that’s the way it should be!
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