Glute Goodness: Booty Buildin Burner 🍑

Happy Hump Day y’all!

If you are ready to build, tighten, and firm your glutes, then this workout is for you! My bestie and I put this workout together. It burns so good. I hope you enjoy it. Head over to my Facebook page and let me know how it goes!

🍑 3-5 Rounds
🍑 Complete this workout circuit style – minimal rest in between exercises, rest at the end of the circuit
🍑 You will get a glute pump that is out of this world🔥
🍑 Can be a standalone workout or a Finisher

🍎 Band Glute Bridges – 20 reps
🍎 Band Glute Marches – 10 reps ea side – 20 total
🍎 Band Donkey Kicks – 10 reps ea side – 20 total
🍎Glute Up and Overs – 10 reps ea side – 20 total
🍎 Glute Bridge Pulses – 20 reps

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