Fitness Friday: Single Dumbbell Smackdown

I’m out in Cali visiting my bestie, and we love training together. So, what we do, we get a quickie sweat session right in her backyard with one Dumbbell!

Try this workout and let me know how it goes. We really loved it!

** 3-5 Rounds or Set your timer for 20-30 minutes and complete as many rounds as possible – Rest Based Style (Metabolic Effect) Push until you can’t/Rest until you can push again!
** Rest at the end of the circuit!
** Equipment: One dumbbell

1. Single Arm Squat Press – 8 reps ea side
2. Romanian Deadlifts with a row: 6-8 reps ea side
3. Push ups: 8-10 reps
4. Goblet Rev lunge: 6-8 reps ea side
5. Dumbbell Wood Chopper: 6-8 reps ea side

I’ve got more workouts just like today’s workout, short, sweet, and highly effective. All you need is a pair of Dumbells or two! Grab your 10 FREE Strength Circuits.