Get yo lift on even when you are busy!


Lift the things even when you are busy!


Happy Hump day, I hope you’re off to the best day. I love Wednesdays, its something about the middle of the week. Maybe it’s just because we are close to the weekend, and love the weekends too.
One of my favorite things about Wednesday is my themed #WorkoutWednesday workouts. They are short in nature, no more than 30 minutes and they are efficient and effective. The #1 thing about them – they can be done right at home when you don’t have the time to get to the gym.
Christmas is basically here, workouts are usually the first to go to for some folks during the holidays. I’ve worked in the gym for years now and every year starting as early as November if not before, the attendance dramatically decreases. I’m like, where are all the people. Training is pushed to the bottom of the priority list; we say “I’ll go tomorrow,” but we don’t. We look up, and between now and January 1st, we may have worked out a handful of times here and there, which is fine if that’s what you want to do – operating from a place of grace. However, most folks I know want to know how to still fit there fitness in when life is busy.
I get it; it can be a challenge, especially with kids being out of school, and all the things that go hand in hand with holidays. The caveat here is that you just have to Make the time – we all have the same 24 hours in the day. You are exactly right about not having the time – I assure you. Some day’s I’m just like “when and where will I get the time?”
So, Candace, how do you make time for fitness when the schedule is hectic? 20– 30-minute workouts that you can do right at home if need be. Some of my favorites are my Keep It Simple Training Solution workouts and Rest-Based Training style workouts.
With Rest-Based Training (RBT) you work hard as long as you can, then rest until you can go again – there is no structured rest, the rest based is based on when you need it. So, the rest you take is individualized. You can even rest right in the middle of the set. For example, take a 4 or 5 exercise based circuit with one of the exercises being a pushup/row. I rest in the middle; I can’t seem to get through them – I get about 5 reps and have to rest.
Here’s an example of a Rest Based Workout:
*20 minutes – Complete as many rounds as possible with good form
*Medium to heavy-ish pair of dumbells
*Rest when needed
*Check out the demo:

  1. Squat Press – 10 reps
  2. Pushup/row – 10 reps – count the pushups
  3. Walking Lunge with a bent over row- 20 reps total /10 reps each side
  4. Jumping Lunges- 10 reps


This is how you keep your fitness game in check during the holidays – with short style workouts. Not letting go of your workouts will do several very beneficial things for you.

  • Your stress level is usually higher during the holidays, right? Ugh, ain’t nobody got time for that. The holidays will amp the stress up a bit, but what if you could keep it at bay? Keep your workouts as part of your holiday schedule!


  • Aim to hit 3 workouts a week. Short, effective, and efficient ones. Grab my 10 Dumbbell Based Strength Circuits here, plus the one above for FREE.


  • Can’t get a workout in, grab a walk somewhere/somehow!


  • Find activities that involve the whole family that are active in nature. Like going to jump zones – you know those places with indoor trampolines. They are so much fun and a great workout!
  • Since you want to stay fit, strong, and feeling good in your skin – you definitely want to keep moving when you can, especially with all the extra food, not in a way that is harmful nor in a negating kind of way. We never use exercise for punishment, no Bueno. We never want to use exercise as punishment for what we ate.


  • Keep some activity in your schedule and eat mindfully – be picky about what you want and don’t want. Say No Thank you to the Food Pushers. Eat the foods that you love and savor every bite!
    • Move because you love your body and that it’s a gift to do so.
Have you grabbed your Thriving Holiday guide? Grab your copy by clicking on the graphic below!