Five Fitness Friday Favorites- 5 Helpful Travel Tips

5 helpful travel tips


Today, I’m sharing some Travel Fitness Tips. First I want to cover nutrition in the airport. I hear it all the time- it’s hard to eat healthy at the airport. Im gonna have to disagree with you on this one. You have choices- you have to decide to find something healthier if that is what you want. Your normal way of eating doesn’t have to be disregarded because your traveling. You should always give yourself permission to eat however you choose – after all you have to like how you eat.

On my way from Texas to Alaska, I found some great eats in the airport. One of the meals I had was from an actual salad bar with all fixings and not just iceberg lettuce. They had kale, spinach, romaine and all the other veggies. I was highly impressed. I was also able to get chopped chicken breast! I topped the salad off with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. My husband was able to get a custom made wrap with a choice of veggies, meat, and rice.

Just about at any restaurant, you can ask for them to hold sauces, etc… The excuse that there is nothing on the healthier side is a false statement. Even the newsstand stores had protein bars – quest bars at that and pieces of fruit.


Yes, enjoy yourself with all the good eats, I always say, within reason. There’s plenty to have, and it’s not going anywhere. Often times when we are on vacation we feel the need to let our hair down – which is fine to an extent – but if you find yourself binging on foods that you normally don’t eat, or eating to make up for foods you eliminated from your diet, then we have another issue.


It’s okay to enjoy other foods outside of your daily eating on travel. But, see here’s the thing,  life is going to happen whether you’re at home in the comfort of your kitchen or eating while traveling. Get in the habit of eating the same way you eat on Tuesday as you eat on the weekend no matter the situation. Still enjoy all the foods, because no food should be off limits in the first place IMO!

If you just want what you want and its little bit more saucy or what have you, get it, eat it, and move on. One meal doesn’t have to derail anything. Food holds no moral value, and you shouldn’t feel guilty because you wanted to have a cookie and burger.

5 helpful travel tips

  1. Short and Quick Workouts – On vacation, we probably don’t have as much time to get a full hour in especially, so go in and get an all body workout and make it quick #shortandsweet. I like to utilize my Keep It Simple Training Solution workouts (20-45 min) or Jill Colemans Tread Lift Program. All of her workouts are 20-30 minutes. Boom! You’ll get an awesome workout and feel good about it! These are perfect for getting it done and being able to have the rest of the day. Taking an hour at the gym – driving there and back may take upwards of hour and half. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

2. Snacks on Deck – Don’t leave without them, you don’t have to do traditional prep and bring all the Tupperware unless you want to and it’s convenient for you. I’ve been there and done and it took to much of my time. So instead, I figured out some convenient snacks that are travel friendly:

  • Snacks with protein are top priority
    • Quest Bars
    • Jerky
    • Protein Shakes
  • Fruit – Ones that travel well
  • Nuts- All varieties
  • If you bring a small cooler you can bring snacks such as
    • Greek Yogurt
    • Some type of milk source for your protein shakes
    • Fruits that you like cold
    • Hard Boiled Eggs
    • My favorite convenience protein is Boars Head Lunch Meat (bring on the protein baby)

3. Water Bottle- This is a must – must stay hydrated. I carry one everywhere. I think there’s no excuse not to stay hydrated while traveling. Lots of places have a water station to fill up your bottle. It’s also important to stay hydrated because it will help to cut  down on the sodium retention from the vacation foods!


4. Share Meals – On my current trip, my husband and I have split several meals. It’s built in calorie control. These days, portions are so huge, sometimes big enough to feed 3 people. So don’t hesitate to share a meal – that’s of course if you both can agree on an entree. 😉 5 helpful healthy travel tips

5. Utilize Walking and Hiking –  See the scenery and stay fit at the same time! Can’t get to the gym or it’s just not feasible with your travel schedule, the #WalkItOut! Might be a good time to take a break from lifting the things to give your body a break to recover. When you go back to hitting the iron – your gonna feel so good. Your body will thank you!

That’s your five travel fitness tips! Next time you go on vacation let me know if these tips helped you!

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