3 Tips for Built in Calorie Control!

3 tips for built in calorie calorie control


1. Satiety- mindfulness. Be aware of how much you’re eating. Slow down – sometime we eat so fast we don’t give the brain the signal that we are actually full. Eat to about 80% full. One tool that I use is how my belly is feeling. The pressure the stomach feels once you reach fullness. There is no denying when the stomach is past full. You usually know between the last bite or two. It takes conscious effort to apply this tool. Consistent practice every time you sit down to a meal.

2. Be present with your food. Really enjoy it, savor the flavors. If doesn’t meet expectations don’t eat it. I did this yesterday at dinner and today. I could immediately tell that the bread being served wasn’t that great by the appearance of it. My husband had a piece and confirmed my suspensions. He didn’t finish it.

Today I went on a day cruise and we had dessert – cheesecake and brownies. Neither looked or appeared good. I decided to skip for one bc I wasn’t really in the mood for it and I like to spend my calories ( not counting them) on something I’ll really enjoy.

If there’s one thing that I can’t stand is when I eat something that wasn’t worth it.

3. Share a meal-my husband and I have been splitting meals. Food portions are so huge these days. This morning we split a breakfast burrito and a donut. Some would say that’s not enough to eat. It absolutely was. I was so glad I didn’t get one to myself. Plus, then you won’t waste it. To go boxes work great too. Great tool to use as well – have the server bring the box with the meal and immediately put half in the box. Out of mind, out of sight. Built in Calorie Control!

These 3 tips do take some consistent practice. You will screw it up and eat to much ‪#‎becauseHuman‬. That’s just a fact – if you do move on and do again at the next meal (practice 1,2, and 3). You have many meals to practice these methods.

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