A walk a Day keeps the stress away!

Must folks think walking isn’t hardcore enough. It’s not sweaty enough, or what have you.

A walk a Day keeps the stress away


There is so much power in the habit of walking.


Not an all-inclusive list, the benefits of walking:


  • Reduced stress
  • Lowers Cortisol
  • Soothes sore legs from lifting the things
  • Clears our minds – enhance our mental well being
  • Loosens our hips and our lower backs – sitting all day at work? Add some walking in on a regular basis during your work hours, I bet you will start to feel 10 x better.
  • Plus much much more…….A walk a Day keeps the stress away


Just the other day I went for a walk – I normally go several times a week. It was actually a hike right out my back door.  Here in Austin, there are tons of trails and outdoor activities that are awaiting me every day.


My walk from the other day was so needed. Before I started, I had an uneasy feeling – I was feeling some kind of way. My mood was funky, so guess what I did? I went for a hike. Instantly I started to feel better. I also had a headache prior to walking. Gone – half way through the walk.


Ladies, I must admit, I’ve been slacking on the walking and hiking. If you have been following me for a while now, you know I boast about the benefits of taking leisure walks. #WalkWithCandi, I must get back to taking my own medicine.


The last several weeks, I’ve been neck deep getting my first online group coaching program up and running. Every second I had, I was writing and creating content, and before I knew it, I looked up and it was nighttime. So, guess who didn’t get much walking in – at least not like I normally do. Me! And I don’t like it.


I will quickly rectify this dilemma. My launch is over and now I will get back to normal – walking on a regular basis. What I learned here is to be better about my time management, so I can still do the things that make my days so much better. Just think, If I would have taken even a 10-minute walk, how much my headspace would have been better.


For the future, when I get busy, I will make sure to get my walks in, no matter what (even if it’s just 10 minutes). 10 minutes is better than nothing –  they clear and de-stress things – it’s kinda like hitting a refresh button. We need that, don’t we? Walking is so good for our mental health.


See, never underestimate the power of walking -even if it’s a short period or length of time. We can benefit from getting up from our office desk and stretching out your legs and getting some fresh air.


Something is always better than all – or – nothing. Remember that the next time you tell yourself that 10, 20, or 30 minutes isn’t enough time. It is enough time, if you change the narrative – change the stories that you have heard about walking or anything fitness related being set in stone, with certain rules that you must follow.


Start with meeting yourself right where you are.


At the end of the day consistency over perfection any and every day.


The harder we are on ourselves, the harder it will be to get going on the things that matter to us, like getting a walk in every day, whether that’s for 10 minutes or an hour. Just start with something – never let it be all or nothing.


Watch the stress fall away with a walk a day!


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