Workout Wednesday: Sliding and Burning Legs

Hi y’all! Happy Hump Day! I’ve got a leg and glute workout for you. Like the title says, you’ll be sliding and burning – lol!

So, grab your paper plates, Valslides, or a washcloth and let’s work that lower body! Your glorious glutes, hamstrings, and your quads! 🍑💪🏾

** Complete 5 rounds
** Rest as needed – preferably at the end of the circuit
** Add dumbbells for more of a challenge
** I assure you though the sliders are no joke. I am still feeling my hammies from the hamstring curls.

1. Sliding Reverse Lunge (l&r) x 10 reps per side
2. Sliding Lateral Lunge (l&r) x 10 reps per side
3. Sliding Hamstring Curls x 10 – 20 reps
4. Sliding Slow Mountain Climbers x 20 rep

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