Maintain, Don’t Gain and Thrive thru the holiday season!

Maintain, Don't Gain and Thrive thru the holiday season


So the holidays are upon us yet again – the annual flurry of shopping, holiday parties, holiday meals, and family gatherings.   This is a wonderful time of year to celebrate, regardless of your religious beliefs.  It’s a time for reflecting on all the blessings that we have, enjoy our family, and usher in a new year full of hope and opportunity.  Wouldn’t it be nice to usher in the New Year without the typical New Year’s resolution of “I need to lose 5-10 pounds!”?


I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my share of weight loss resolutions.  Well, ok, I don’t really do resolutions, but I’ve gone into the New Year with my share of weight loss goals.  It seems like it’s an annual tradition, complete with all the Facebook memes – gain weight in the winter, the struggle to lose it before you have to head to the beach or spend some time by the pool.  It may even be programmed into our genes for survival….who knows.


What I do know is that it’s definitely a never ending cycle for most people – start the New Year in the gym, try to lose all the weight before having to put a swimsuit on, make it till sweater weather, and then boom….Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!  And of course, it’s not just one piece of candy, one turkey dinner, and one Christmas dinner….no, it’s an entire bag of candy – have to get it out of the house, right?  Then it’s Thanksgiving….and Thanksgiving leftovers…and Turkey sandwiches and stuffing…and turkey soup….the endless parade of leftovers.  Then it’s your work holiday party, his work holiday party, Christmas Eve cookies, Christmas morning breakfast, and Christmas dinner.  Finally, it’s a night on the town for New Years – and then we wake up and can’t put on our favorite jeans!  It’s as if we’re set up for failure!  Honestly, without a good plan of attack, we are set up for failure.


The problem with most plans for surviving the holidays is that they involve deprivation and avoidance.  How about the one that tells you to fast all day long before a holiday meal?  Are you kidding me – I’m gonna kill someone by noon if I don’t have any food!  Then there’s the ever popular “attend the party and don’t partake of the food or alcohol”… about NO.  I know I’m not the only one that’s been that person that packs their own “on plan” food for the holiday gathering….isn’t if fun enjoying all the questions and looks that brings on?


What about gym time?  I don’t know about you, but my normal workout routine requires at least two hours of my time.  I have to get to the gym, warm up, get a workout in, and maybe do some cardio….maybe!  You know my feelings about cardio – the shorter the session the better and the more intense it can be, hello EPOC.   Then I’ve got to get back to whatever my day has in store for me, which usually involves a shower and a change of clothes – more time!  What the holidays bring is a total lack of time….who’s got two hours of time to spend on working out when we have to shop, plan, do family outings, photos with Santa, Christmas parties for the adults and the kids……you get the picture.  Ain’t nobody got time for two hours of working out!   So – gym time out the window!  We’ll start again on January 1!


Here’s the deal – there’s a better way!  You don’t have to deprive yourself during the holidays, or spend all your time in the gym to overcome the holiday parties!  No need to punish yourself with exercise for having too much to eat or drink!


I’ve created a guide to working out during the holidays and navigating the bountiful holiday meals without deprivation or suffering.

No need to pack food, avoid the parties, or spend all your time in the gym!  Not only that, you can coast into the New Year with your fitness intact and have some other resolution than “Lose Weight”.  You don’t have to be yet another person in the crowded gym in January…..ever notice that?  So many people in the gym in January that you can’t even get a workout in!  Don’t be that lady!  You can #MaintainDon’t Gain and THRIVE thru the holidays and avoid all the stress related to losing the holiday pounds in January!


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