No, you don’t have to earn your food!

The other day, I was watching one of my favorite Morning TV Shows – Hoda and Kathie Lee. They had a segment on called Burn it Off – How those holiday snacks can add up – and ways to burn them off!

I was appalled. While I’m not surprised, this is the norm for stuff on TV when it comes to diets and such. From now until about February, all the mainstream TV shows will be featuring quick-fix solutions, detoxes, cleanses and what not. Us, as the consumers, will hop on it real quick, as we do each year because we don’t know any better, wishing and hoping that it will finally work!

Just NO!


We have to do better. Segments like these on TV Shows that have millions of viewers are just perpetuating the Diet Mentality. Promoting these damn quick-fix diets that we get trapped in year after year.

We do not have to earn or burn our food off. We don’t have to do 1000 burpees to have Grandmas Pecan Pie at Christmas Dinner!

Yes, holiday eats, snacks and such can add up, but that doesn’t mean that we have to punish ourselves with exercise. We don’t have to earn the food either – killing ourselves with exercise.

What the Burn it Off segment on Hoda’s and Kathie Lee’s show should have addressed is how to Navigate those treats, and emphasize that movement is a gift, that we get to do it, and that we don’t have to. We don’t have to earn our food or punish ourselves.

Yes, we should to be mindful because we don’t like to feel stuffed to the brim, nor do have to deprive ourselves from some of the treats that we love!

Yes, we should move our bodies, but from a place of Grace and love.

HOWEVER, it shouldn’t be from a place of Guilt, Shame, or Ridicule.

The Diet industry is a billion-dollar business because they prey on our fears and insecurities. They have us believing we need that 21-day fix to lose all the weight from the holidays and when we don’t lose it with the 21-day fix, they’ll be creeping on that nighttime informercial with another short-term solution!

When you don’t lose the weight, or find yourself binging, it’s never the diets fault – it’s your fault, or so they tell you. They tell you that you just need to buckle down and resist the temptation. If you do, then all your dreams will come true and you can finally be happy.

That’s not the case though is it?!

Again, No, my friend!

There is a better way.

So, my friend when you see these quick fixes being advertised, run towards the hills. Don’t do it.

You ate it, but you don’t have to Negate it! Food does not have to be earned, nor do you have to punish yourself the next day!

Let’s say you do eat too much – while that’s subjective in it’s own right. Say you did get a bit uncomfortable – it happens, we are human. Instead of beating yourself up about it, you simply move on. No need to run to the gym and do hours upon hours of cardio.

The very next day, or opportunity, you eat how you normally would, or train as you normally do. NO punishing workouts. This solves nothing. It leads down a road that is not good – disordered eating, low self-worth, so on and so forth. I know this from experience, and from the women that I have worked with as well.

Furthermore, you would kill yourself trying to make up for what you ate with exercising. No no! Fitness is a gift. It shouldn’t be a punishment tool – if you treat it as such, you’ll never enjoy it, nor stick to it.

What you can do instead is enjoy the food, be present with your loved ones, play games, get movement in – go for a walk, lift the things if you want, but you’re also allowed to chill on the couch and enjoy the Christmas how you see fit.

My sweet friends, these diets and you ate it, negate memes floating around the net a lot during the holidays, or these TV shows hawking quick fixes, wraps, and shit is not a healthy or sane solution to fitness and nutrition. Fitness and Nutrition should enhance your life not still your joy, cause shame or guilt!

So, Hoda and Kathie Lee, NO I won’t be running off to the gym to burn my food or do 100 burpees to be able to eat cheesecake for dinner this Holiday Season or ever!

That’s my 2 cents, thank you for reading!

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