The Best Diet Ever is……

The BEST Diet Ever is…..     via GIPHY   Is the one that you can stick to. Is the one that you can adhere to. Is the one that enhances your life. Is the one that is Simple to implement. Is the one that doesn’t make you feel like death! Is the one that you can do forever! Is … Read More

Get yo lift on even when you are busy!

Lift the things even when you are busy!   Happy Hump day, I hope you’re off to the best day. I love Wednesdays, its something about the middle of the week. Maybe it’s just because we are close to the weekend, and love the weekends too. One of my favorite things about Wednesday is my themed #WorkoutWednesday workouts. They are … Read More

Holiday Stress or Holiday Rest.. you choose!

The Holidays are stressful at times, right? We know stress can affect everything in our lives – good and bad. We want more good than bad of course. It’s that time of the year, where things get crazy fast! I know for me, it seems the days will get shorter and shorter during these next few weeks. Before you know … Read More

The 3 M’s of Fat Loss

Weight loss and fat loss are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. Weight loss, for example, is the loss of fat-free mass (muscle) and fat mass, fluids (water), etc. The primary focus here is to get the scale weight to go down; nothing else matters, even if you lose your soul doing it. Gaining fat and … Read More

Mmmm… Overnight Oats Easy Recipe

  I sure do love me some overnight oats! The recipe that I am sharing today literally takes 5 minutes to make, how can you not love it. Also, it’s super hot out right now and eating hot oatmeal isn’t super appealing. It is if it’s cold though! I haven’t always loved oatmeal. Probably because I can remember them always … Read More

Workout with me

Workout Wednesday Ahh, I loved this circuit. The best part about it, well one of the best things about it is all you need is one Kettlebell or one DB and you cab get it done. 15 swings 10 Goblet Cleans 5 Squats with a 2-3 sec pause 5 push-ups **Circuit Style ** Rest-Based Training Style- Push until you can’t … Read More

Grace. Courage. Trust! Through the process.

Grace. Courage. Trust! There is a better way! 🙏🏾Grace – Sprinkle some Grace on it! 🙌🏾Courage 😀Trust Ready to get off the diet roller coaster?! If so, I’ve got you covered, grab my FREE Anti-Diet Blueprint below. Grab your Anti-Diet Blueprint here!

Trainer Tip Tuesday – Just say no to quick fixes!

Trainer Tip Tuesday – Just say no to quick fixes! In today’s video, I discuss 4 things that have long term benefit to your health and fat loss. Don’t waste your time or coins on Sweat Suits, neoprene wraps or waist trainers. They are a temporary fix with very short-term results and can be very dangerous. Utilize things that will … Read More

Travel Tip Tuesday: 5 Essential Hotel Tips

Travel Trip Tuesday: 5 Essential Hotel Tips Today, I have 5 essential hotel tips for you. I travel a lot and think it’s important to be comfortable wherever you stay. Read on for five tips to make your hotel stay more comfortable! Find a hotel that has some of the things that make you feel comfortable.   That could be … Read More