The Best Diet Ever is……

The BEST Diet Ever is…..





Is the one that you can stick to.

Is the one that you can adhere to.

Is the one that enhances your life.

Is the one that is Simple to implement.

Is the one that doesn’t make you feel like death!

Is the one that you can do forever!

Is the one that doesn’t slash whole food groups.

Is the one that does make you feel guilty and shame!


I bet you thought I had some secret, some special sumthin sumthin. Well, that sumthin is that diets work until they don’t!



There is no one best diet! I’m sure you are probably wondering about Keto or Whole 30 or something. I don’t have the answer you expect because those diets have a high failure rate.

Nothing inherently wrong with failing, but when it comes to your health, your body, and your metabolism – you shouldn’t be jumping from diet to diet, or have to in order to lose weight. Failure is part of life, but if you are cannot stick to a diet – it’s not you, it’s the diet. Dieting sucks, and it makes us miserable and makes us feel like a failure.

In my mind, if you gain all the weight back plus some, the diet did not work.  Not only did it not work, it didn’t have your best interest at heart.

If you are truly curious about Keto or whatever, give it a go. Try it and see for yourself.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you though.

Diets are designed to keep us coming back for more. After one is over, we go back to the way we used to eat, and then all the weight comes back. Comes back plus some. The body is designed to do that. It’s feast or famine. You put it in the famine state, so when you went back to your normal way of the eating, the body was like “I am holding on to everything you put back in me.”

It’s science. The body is smarter than us. It wants to survive. It could care less about you just dropping a bunch of weight, or how you lean you want to be.

We have to work with the body, not against it!

We think that if we just find the right “one,” then all will be well in the world. If I just lose the weight, then I will work on my habits, etc. It usually doesn’t play out that way.

What I will tell you is that if it has an expiration date, then it will probably not work for you. It’s probably not sustainable.

If it removes whole food groups, it won’t be sustainable.

If you can’t see yourself doing it forever, it won’t be sustainable.

If you are binging, it is not sustainable.

The diet that I prescribe is one that makes you feel good, helps you reach your goals and one that you can do forever.

It has no name; it has no end date, no expiration. It’s for life, it’s sane, it’s simple, and it’s Sustainable. It doesn’t remove any food groups, and it won’t make you feel miserable!

It’s a Non-Diet of sorts, it’s a flexible way of achieve your Fat Loss Goals. You’re probably thinking “How can I lose fat if I am not on a diet that eliminates something, or makes me feel like shit?” FYI you don’t have to suffer through weight loss.

You can THRIVE through the process. And I will show you exactly how, so, book a call below and you’ll find out how.

I would love to get on a Free STRONGER You Strategy Call to work on your most pressing challenge.  You will leave this call with a tool or two to get started on your journey. Who knows we might even be a great fit to work together. Don’t wait, book your call today!