Movement Monday: Stability Hamstring Curls/Glute Bridge Hybrid 

Stability Hamstring Curl/Glute Bridge Hybrid Targets that backside also known as your posterior chain! * Hamstrings * Glutes How to do: 1. Place your heels on the ball 2. Lift up, squeeze your glutes/ brace your core – this will keep you stable and not wobbly. 3. Don’t hyperextend your lower back 4. Keep the weight distributed through your upper … Read More

Workout Wednesday: The 40/20 Workout

The 40/20 Workout     3 -5 rounds/sets (Depending on the time you have available) 1. DB Squat Press: 40 sec work/20 sec rest 2. DB Alternating Lunges w/curl: 40 sec work/20 sec rest 3. DB Romanian Deadlift with a DB Bent Over Row: 40 sec work/20 sec rest 4. Bodyweight Jump Squats: 40 sec work/40 sec rest * Double … Read More

Movement Monday – Goblet clean ➡️ GobletSquat ➡️ KB Swing

Today’s Movement Monday is gonna get the heart pumping and the muscles burning. This trio of movements are great for a quick workout when your short on time or as a conditioning finisher. ✅ Conditioning – burning muscles and breathless ✅ Hit the legs and the booty 🍑 ✅ Add reps to the swing – ladder style 1-10, 10-1 ✅ … Read More

A Keep It Simple Workout

Happy Wednesday y’all! I’ve got a short and sweet workout for you. It’s a good one y’all! I always say that, but it is! 😂💪🏾 If you haven’t lifted the things yet today, get it in with this one! 5 rounds or AMRAP In 20 min -Rest Based Training: Push you can’t and rest until you can push again! Get … Read More

3 Things not to do for a tight waist and what to do instead!

Today’s blog post will touch on 3 things not to do for a tight waist and 3 things you can do instead!   First, I want to say that we technically cannot spot reduce – the small amount lost in the area is so insignificant – you’re wasting your time. This means that we cannot reduce the fat in an … Read More

How To Tone Up The Smart Way!

  How to Tone your muscles? No, it’s not doing 20 bicep curls or 20 leg extensions. Contrary to popular belief, doing high repetitions of an isolated exercise will not give you the look you are looking for.   Toning is for printers. You’ve heard that saying, right? I really hate the word “Toning” because it implies that women shouldn’t … Read More

3 Reasons to do HIIT

Hey y’all Happy Tuesday! I’ve been consistently getting in my conditioning workouts  for the last 4 weeks. The start of my HIIT training began recently because, I wanted to incorporate some conditioning in my training. I’m not against cardio – mostly I just don’t like boring steady state cardio. I do enjoy doing sprints and interval training. To keep things … Read More

Workout Wednesday Kettlebell Fun

Workout Wednesday – Kettlebell Fun!     Kettlebells are so fun to play with. I love their versatile use. It’s one of my recommendations for at home workouts for my clients. You only need 2 or 3 and you can make up a ton of workouts using them! Todays workout: ✅ 4-5 Rounds or ✅ AMRAP in 20 Minutes ✅ … Read More

5 Reasons to Move that Butt – Is Sitting Really The New Smoking?

Hey ladies, I wanted to share my five reasons why we should be walking more and sitting less. So, I know y’all have heard – “Sitting is the new smoking.”  So, I’m getting up and walking and moving more. I’ve been sitting a bit more than usual- because I’m training less in person clients and doing more virtual training. That … Read More