Travel Tip Tuesday: 5 Essential Hotel Tips

5 essential hotel tips

Travel Trip Tuesday: 5 Essential Hotel Tips

Today, I have 5 essential hotel tips for you. I travel a lot and think it’s important to be comfortable wherever you stay. Read on for five tips to make your hotel stay more comfortable!

  1. Find a hotel that has some of the things that make you feel comfortable.


That could be the type of bed – of course, there’s nothing like our own beds, but something equivalent, the style of the hotel, the location, and can you control the thermostat. Just to name a few hotel essentials.


The thermostat control is a deal breaker for my husband. If he can’t control, then it’s a done deal. On to the next. This thermostat thing is also becoming one of my non-negotiables too.

Check this article out on hotel thermostats….

Being able to control the AC at night is huge for me now. It’s because our bodies sleep so much better in cooler temperatures. I know this might sound crazy, sleep in the cold. Try it and report back.

Layer up the covers drop the AC and bet you that you will sleep like a baby!


  1. A decent hotel gym, one close by, or at least sidewalks to walk on.

I’m not too anal about the gym because I know that I can workout anywhere. Check this Hotel Room Workout I did last week in New Jersey.

As long as it has some dumbbells, you can get a good workout in and don’t even have to leave the hotel. If it doesn’t, bodyweight workouts are great too.

Walking at this point in my life is a non-negotiable too, it has so many benefits.

While in NJ, my friend and I walked to and from the grocery store several times, to the mall, to Marshalls, and to the restaurant to eat dinner every night.

So, if there’s no gym or I just want to take a break, rest, and recover, walking is huge for daily movement and recovery.


  1. A microwave, ha, the last hotel, we didn’t have one in our room. That was a little bit of a bummer. I didn’t check, and I usually do. I just assumed since it was a Hyatt that it would. I was wrong. So I’ll check for sure in the future.

The microwave is important to warm up leftovers or make your own oatmeal for breakfast in the morning. Have you seen the oatmeal on breakfast buffets? Just gross. Won’t touch it will a ten-foot pole.

My favorite Oatmeal brand is Bob Red’s Mill, it’s the Michael Jordon of Oatmeal, lol! The flakes are large, not gritty, and the taste is so good. I can eat them without even cooking them.

Once you eat Bob Red’s Mill Oatmeal, you’ll never go back to Quaker Oats.

I take a few servings with me when I travel so that I know that if the hotel breakfast sucks, I will at least have my oatmeal that I can combine with a protein source. My backup plan for Protein is usually a Protein Shake, or I put the scoop of protein right in the oatmeal.


  1. A grocery store in walking distance, or least an Uber/Cab ride away if I don’t get a rental car.

I don’t always check for this, but for this NJ trip, I did. We had several stores right in walking distance. We did some grocery shopping for a couple of meals at Whole Foods.

We were thrilled about that!

If you have a grocery store close by, you’ll have a bit more control of your food choices. We picked up fruit, got salads with tons of vegetables from the salad bar, yogurt, and some other necessities.


  1. Lastly, this pretty much goes with the microwave. Make sure your room has a fridge. I always check for this. Even if it’s just for storing some bottled water, It’s just nice to have.

That’s how I roll! What are some of your travel essentials?


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