Mmmm… Overnight Oats Easy Recipe

overnight oats


I sure do love me some overnight oats! The recipe that I am sharing today literally takes 5 minutes to make, how can you not love it. Also, it’s super hot out right now and eating hot oatmeal isn’t super appealing. It is if it’s cold though!

I haven’t always loved oatmeal. Probably because I can remember them always being mushy when I was growing up, that’s because they were Quaker Oats or some generic brand. They get so mushy and there was no way of getting them to taste good. So, I was always opted out when it was an oatmeal day!

Now as I adult I love them, but not Quaker Oatmeal. The better oatmeal brand is Bob’s Red Mill, so good. The oatmeal flakes are big, and the texture is on point!

If you have never been able to eat Oatmeal because of the taste or texture, give it one more try and try the Bobs Red Mill Rolled Oatmeal. I think your mind will be changed!


The Recipe:

Bob’s Red Mill Rolled Oatmeal – the best oatmeal hands down!

🥛 1/2 Cup of Almond Milk

🍦 Greek yogurt – I used Vanilla Bean – so good

😋 1/2 tsp Real Maple Sugar

😋 Cinnamon to taste

💃🏾 Mix it all up

🛌 Put it in the fridge overnight

Next morning add your fruit🍌🍓 of choice and dig in. I also added shaved coconut. 🌴
Super satisfying and tasty👅 !

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