You know it’s Lifestyle when..

There is no start or end date or a timeline if it’s a Lifestyle. Fitness and Nutrition fit effortlessly into your day. There is no “On and Off, ” no Wagons, No Tracks. There is just life and life happens, we hit bumps in the road, but we pick right back up where we left off.


You don’t have to diet and be miserable to reach better health or to lose fat. Your approach to Health and Fitness should be Sane, Simple – not necessarily easy, and Sustainable.  With Time, Patience, Consistency, and Grace you can achieve better health. You don’t have to be dogmatic, nor do you have to keep losing and the gaining the same weight over and over. Unless of course, you like that. I’m willing to bet you don’t? Am I right or am I wrong?!

You know it’s a Lifestyle when….



💪🏾 You can miss a week of workouts, and you know that all is not lost!


🍔 You can eat anywhere and make it work – even if it’s McD’s.


🍽 You don’t obsess about food.

you know it's a lifestyle when


🗼You can work out anywhere. You can make due with what’s available.


😋 You can sit down to a meal and not count every morsel, nor feel bad for eating {insert food}.


🍕 Food is just food, and it holds no moral value.


💃🏾 Effortless! The way you eat and move feels right to you.


🙌🏾 Fitness and nutrition should enhance your life and not hinder it.

you know its a lifestyle when


😁 You have a good relationship with all foods!


👍🏾 You eat the same on Monday as you do on Saturday!


🍩 You have no need for cheat meals because you know that all foods can be part of a healthy lifestyle, all the time, not just on certain days.


👊🏾 When you know something is better than nothing.

you know it's a lifestyle when

🙅🏾There is no all or nothing, nor black or white thinking. Something is always better nothing.


🏋🏾‍♀️ Fitness and nutrition don’t own you. It’s part of your lifestyle but doesn’t take over your life.


⛹🏾‍♀️Working out and eating well isn’t always about losing weight!

you know its a lifestyle when


🏃🏾‍♀️Your healthy lifestyle is a habit now. You know longer need to be externally motivated. Willpower isn’t needed anymore because it has become part of your lifestyle. Habits and discipline are what keeps you moving/eating well. You like how you exercise and love how you eat!


❌ There is no on or off. No off the wagon or on it, nor on track or off track. It’s just life and life happens.


🚫 You don’t subscribe to diets! #AntiDiet

you know it's a lifestyle when


✔️ You are not tied to a number on the scale. You know that it does not dictate your worth!

you know its a lifestyle when


👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 You’re not neglecting your family because you’re “hardcore”, you make fitness fit in with every other part of your lifestyle.


😛 You’re willing to try new foods and be adventurous without thinking about the amount of exercise you’re gonna need to “pay” for the experience.


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