It’s Workout Wednesday! Butt and Gut 🍑

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday! I put together a Keep It Simple Training Solutions workout today. Your gonna love it, I sure did. My butt and my abs were burning. Details below!


workout wednesday butt and gut

Today’s workout Wednesday is a Butt and Gut Workout! I love training glutes – hip thrusts and band work are my favorite for training the glutes.

So, check it out – I put together 3 exercises strung into a circuit – move from one exercise to the next with minimal rest, rest at the end of the circuit. Reps listed below and do 3-5 rounds. Short, Simple, and effective!


1. Barbell Hip Thrusts – 10- 15 reps

2. Up And overs ( Leg Lifts) off a bench – I used a small foam roller to go up and over – As many reps as possible

3. KettleBell Swings- 20

Let me know how it goes – leave me a comment over on Beauty Of Strengths Facebook page!

Watch my Workout Wednesday video on YouTube —> Workout Wednesday: Butt and Gut Workout

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