Workout Wednesday: Tight Buns Tight Glutes Workout

Ladies, let’s work those glutes. Strong glutes keep your lower back healthy, as well as your knees, and hips!

Today’s workout will target your glutes. You will definitely get a nice glute pump! Let me know how it goes over here on Beauty Of Strengths Facebook page. 


 Tight Buns Workout

* 5 Sets (Straight Sets) or 5 Rounds (circuit style)

* Want more of conditioning effect? Complete the workout in circuit fashion – one move right after another with minimal rest
* Have more time – Complete 5 sets
* Do each exercise before moving on to the next
** Rest 30 sec to 1 minute between sets
** Pick heavier weight
* Can add a dumbbell to the frog pumps (place on top of your pelvis)

The workout:

1. Dumbbell Goblet Squat x 10 reps

2. Dumbbell Single Leg Romanian Deadlift x 8 – 10 reps per side
** New to this movement, scale it back to 5 or 6 reps per side
** Feeling a bit unstable? Grab your foam roller for stability and balance, or use post/stand or wall.

3. Dumbbell Goblet Swing Lunges (Forward/Backward Lunge) x 10 per side

4. Stability Ball Hamstring Curls/Glute Bridge Hybrid x 10 reps
** 10 Reps: 1 Curl & 1 Bridge Equals 1 rep! 🍑

5. Frog Pumps x 20 reps



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