StairMaster Workout

Take Flight Tuesday – StairMaster Workoutstair master workout
Hey ladies! Hope you’re having a fantastic day!
I got my #TrackTuesday, well I should say stair sprint workout in today instead of sprints.
There were 102 steps in total! 102 steps of burn! 
Here’s what I did – I set the timer for 20 minutes. The goal was to get as many runs in as I could in the allotted time. Run the stairs, and the recovery was the walk back down and repeat.
I ended up getting 7 in 20 minutes. Not bad for my first time. Next time I’m shooting for 8-10 rounds.
Stair/ stadium workouts are a quick way to some quick cardiovascular training in without it be monotonous and boring. You can add so much variety to the workout, that it’s virtually in possible to get bored
The best thing about these types of workouts is that they are short. You don’t have to spend an hour trying to burn a million calories.
The focus is on pushing and getting AMRAP in the 20 minutes. You ain’t got no time thinking about calories, because your are trying to catch your breath! 
Lastly, you possibly may burn a few more calories through boring steady state. With steady state, you only burn calories during the workout. Once your done, that’s it. Whereas, HIIT, interval work, sprints etc… you get the benefit of EPOC other wise know as the afterburn. You can burn more calories after intense sessions up to 16 – 24 hours later.
Your choice! But if it was up to me, I’d want you to scale back on the LISS and do a couple high intensity workouts for shorter periods of time!
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