It’s just time to BE – Not to be Dieting

just be no more dieting


It’s just time to BE – Not to be dieting


Before I jump into the nitty gritty of why you will continue to struggle if you continue to yo-yo diet.  In order to have sustainable forever fat loss, you have to give up dieting, dieting is making you heavier (body fat).  After the diet, you are worse off than when you started. After said diet and after a few months, did you gain most of the weight back?

I’m guessing you did, straight up I know you did!

Fat loss is what we want ladies, we don’t just want weight loss. You can eat like a bird and cardio yourself to death. That’s easy to do, and it will cause some weight loss, but it’s miserable and certainly not sustainable. Am I right or am I wrong?



The cardio I am talking about here is the mundane kind, either running on the treadmill, jogging outside or any other piece of cardio in the gym at a slow, steady state place.


Cardio is not bad, btw the way. What makes it less desirable is the way you are using it.


Couple the above with a low-calorie diet, dare I say 1200 calories, and the results will suffer. In addition, most women cut out all starchy carb – these are not the enemy btw, eating only protein and some vegetables, and certainly no fat.


Can you say “Misery”? You know deep down what I am talking about, but are afraid to admit it.


Speaking of cardio – You’ll have to add more and more cardio to get results. You’re good though, right?! As long as that number is going down, you’re good and seriously happy. You feel like you are crushing it. Well, that’s what it looks like on the outside.


Inside you are dying, miserable, and doing mental gymnastics fighting all the food urges. You might have already started binging late at night or on the weekends.


You feel as though “I’ve earned this, I’ve been on my dieting all week, I’ve been good or for months”. This a very slippery slope to go down – awarding yourself for being good with food. Then, of course, punishment on the other side for eating “ bad foods”.


Eventually, weight loss stops, promptly and rightly so. #BecauseTheBodyDon’tPlay. You can only get away with this for so long.


The guilt sets in, and you feel like a failure. You say to yourself “I just should try harder. I have to cut XYZ and I have to do this amount exercise”, etc.. Oh, shoot, let me try this cleanse that Amy was telling me about.


Long story short, this continues and this is how you end up being a yo-yo dieter, losing and gaining the same 10-30 pounds, give or take, throughout your life.


Each time you gain the same weight over and over, plus more, setting you back further and further.


Everyone wants to lose so fast – how can I lose fat by this date or for this vacation, or for my high school reunion?


Well, let me tell you something my friend, you are slowing the process down by continually dieting.


Fast weight loss hurts you in the long run.


Fast weight loss means fast fat gain – a rebound! 


After the diet is all said and done, you return to how you used to eat and go back to no or little activity, and in 3 weeks’ time after said event, the weight is creeping back up.


You finally give up. Which is truly for the best, your metabolism is shot and who knows what else.


You’ve trained your body to be ready for the lean times – the times that you starve it to get into that dress, and now your body is programmed to store just a little bit more fat for the next go around.  Every cycle trains it to store just a little bit more.  Ever notice that your “high weight” has gone up just a little bit more with each diet?  This is your body adjusting to the periods of self-imposed famine!


I say this with love – please JUST BE for awhile. Give up the dieting, the need to always be dieting or trying the next new thing and JUST BE.  When was the last time you weren’t on a diet?  Can you remember that long ago?


There is nothing wrong with wanting to change your body – lose fat- which is what you really want, but don’t know how to go about it. Fat loss will be there for you when you get your body and your mind back to a healthy place.


There comes a point in time after all these years and years of dieting that you must just stop and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH.


You’ll actually have to learn how to eat without any rules! #FoodFreedom

What foods do you like and don’t like?

No more meal plans and no more only eat these 12 foods.


No counting, no calculating, just eat. I know you might be scared to stop dieting because of the fear of weight gain. You weren’t even losing anything in the first place, that’s the least of your worries.


Are you ready to JUST BE and heal yourself and your metabolism? I know you are! It’s gonna be rocky and certainly challenging but I know you can do this and you need this!


If you are ready to JUST BE and want some guidance through the process, book a Chemistry call here.


In the meantime, grab my Free Nutrition Blueprint.



just be no more dieting