Movement Monday: How to Do Close Grip Push-ups


Close Grip Push-ups

** Get in the high plank position
** Make sure your hands are under your shoulders – in closer than your normal push-up
** Engage your glutes
** Engage your core
** Body in a straight line from head to heel
** Execute Push-up – lower yourself until your chest almost touches the floor
** Push back up driving away from the floor
** Repeat for desired reps with good form!

Not quite ready for close-grip push-ups from the ground?! No problem at all, you’ll eventually get there. In the meantime, elevate your hands on a surface so that you can perform the close grip push-ups from an incline position with proper form! STRONG friend, eventually you will want to aim to lower the incline over time as you get stronger and before you know it you will be performing your push-ups from the ground! Whoop, whoop!!

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