How to build your meals for fat loss!

Fat loss made Simple, Sane, and Sustainable!

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Fat loss made Simple, Sane, and Sustainable! How to build your meals for fat loss! #AMEN Nutrition Guide 
Don’t like to count and it drives you insane? Well you don’t have to count and you don’t have to go on a another fad diet nor follow a cookie cutter meal plan! You can start today by paying attention to portion sizes.
In todays video I’m talking how to build your meals without counting or pulling out the scale.
Start your weight (fat) loss journey by paying to portion sizes is a great way to get started!
• Protein – with every meal – build your meals around protein. Curious as to how much 0.7g – 1g per pound of body weight. Currently not eating enough protein? Start off adding a serving or two a day and work your way up.
Serving size
• palm for protein
• Carbs
• Cupped hand for carbs – adjust portion according to daily activity
○ More carbs on training days
○ Less on non training days
• Fats
• Thumb for fats
○ Less fats on training days
○ More fats on non training days
• Veggies and fruit- Kill the veggies!
• Fist for veggies n fruit
Adjust portion sizes according to satiety, hunger, fullness, activity level, training days, etc…
This is a great starting point. May be need to keep a food journal to see trends and what not.
Remember progress, not perfection. Just start somewhere!
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