Five Fitness Friday Favorites – Mobility Tools Demonstrations

Hey y’all Happy Friday!

five fitness friday favorites mobility demonstrations


Today’s #FFFF ( Five Fitness Friday Favorites) are demonstrations of last weeks FFFF mobility tools!

To take a look back at last weeks tools, you can check that out here–>

  1. Muscle Roller Stick
  1. Lacrosse Ball
  1. Rumble Roller
  1. Back Buddy
  1. Voodoo Floss
    • Voodo Floss is a great mobility tool. This is basically a big rubber band that you wrap around the area you want to work on.   It allows you to apply compression while moving a joint or muscle through a range of motion, and it helps enhance mobility and reduce pain.  Part of its function is to break up lesions you your muscle fascia, allowing the muscles to slide better, and move better.  There’s a lot of other explanations for the way it works, but I’m not going to get into that – it just works.  I usually use it on my knees and quads.

More detail on voodoo floss:

Watch my video tutorial on YouTube: Five Fitness Friday Mobility Demos!

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Disclaimer- These items are not to be used to diagnose or treat any issues. These are my personal opinions on the items discussed in the video and no I am not an affiliate for them either. Just sharing what I like!

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