Five Fitness Friday Favorites: Mobility Edition

five fitness friday favorites mobility edition


Hey guys! Happy Friday!

I’m back with my some Fitness Friday Favorites. This week I am reviewing some of my favorite mobility tools to work out those kinks and sore muscles.


  • Foam roller (Rumble Roller):

The Rumble Roller, or any foam roller can be used for self myo-fascial release.  Basically, it helps roll out or massage tight areas of your muscles.  I find it particularly useful on my legs, especially the quads, but it is also good for the back.  When using it, you put a portion of your weight (as much as you can bear) on the roller, and then roll the length of the muscle – if you hit a portion that hurts more than the rest, concentrate on that area and slowly work it back and forth.  There are plenty of videos available on the topic, and I’ll do a demo next week.  Finally, you can use a softer version, or if you’re really pain tolerant, you can use a 4-6 inch section of PVC pipe for the most aggressive version of foam rolling.  Check it out here: Foam Rollers and Rumbler Roller here:


  • Back Buddy:

This is used to hit those knots and sore spots on your back, glutes, or hamstrings….or anywhere, really.  This is another form of self-massage.  In an ideal world, we’d have the time and money to get a massage every day – or maybe a partner willing and able to do it for us regularly.  In reality, we all need just a little self-therapy, and this works great to hit those hot spots you can’t reach.  You can use it on your own, or you can rest it against a stable surface for more pressure. Check it out here: Back Buddy


  • Muscle Roller Stick:

This one’s probably familiar to anyone who runs a lot.  It allows you to focus on a smaller area and quickly roll it out with varying pressure.  I really like this one for my quads, right above the knee, the IT band, and my calves.  It allows varying pressure, and you can really dig into a problem area.  This one is easy to use by yourself, and you can get either rigid ones or flexible ones.  I prefer the flexible ones, as they allow you to really go after the legs.  You can have a partner use it on your hamstrings, and you can even use it on your hip flexors and the top of your glutes – just change the leg position to create a little tension there. Check it out here: Muscle Roller Sticks



  • Lacrosse Ball:

Some of our muscles are a little more impervious to pressure than others – if you try to foam roll you glutes or hamstrings, you may find that they aren’t really affected by the roller.  That’s where this guy comes in.  The Lacrosse ball really allows you to focus pressure and dig into those large or dense muscle groups.  The same theory applies – find that spot that’s giving you trouble and apply pressure.  A good rule of thumb – if it hurts more than other areas, it’s probably knotted and needs attention.  Go easy on this one – it can get pretty intense! Check it out here: Lacrosse Ball



  • Voodoo Floss:

Muscle floss is essentially a large rubber band that allows you to apply compression while moving the affected joint of muscle.  The theory behind it is that it helps break lose any “stuck” smooth muscle surfaces/fascia and allow them to slide properly.  It can also help break up any scar tissue on the fascia, allowing the muscle to function with a better range of motion.  Finally, it’s also useful on joints, as it provides a good amount of compression therapy.  This is another one that’s well supported by videos, and I’ll be doing a demo on it as well. Check it out here: Voodoo Floss and here at Rogue Fitness:

Watch my video tutorial on YouTube: Five Fitness Friday Favorites: Mobility Edition

See you guys next week with some demo’s of the mobility tools I discuss today! Thank you for watching!



Disclaimer- These items are not to be used to diagnose or treat any issues. These are my personal opinions on the items discussed in the video and no I am not an affiliate for them either. Just sharing what I like!

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