Five Fitness Friday Favorites – 5 Side Plank Variations

Happy Friday y’all! Todays blog post is all about side planks.

Building a strong core is more than doing hundreds of crunches or sit ups.

Crunches alone will not give you a strong core – if any strength at all. It certainly won’t burn the fat either.

Doing crunches or sit ups can actually hurt your back. Have you ever felt soreness in the lower back post crunches?

When doing crunches/sit ups, your lower back goes into spinal flexion – rounding of your lower back, so you can bend at the waist for the crunches.

We are better served training your entire core. Just to name a few: All plank variations, Pallof press – all the variations, Carries – all variations, and dead bug variations.

In today’s video, I break down 5 side plank variations!

1. Side Plank
2. Modified Side Plank
3. Side Plank Leg Lift/ Leg Abduction
4. Side Plank with a twist
5. Side Plank w/Hip Drop

Check the video below:


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