3 Ways to Crush Your Push-up Game!

Hey girlfriend,

Do you think you’ll be stuck at the five push-up mark forever? Or maybe you haven’t got your first one yet. Well, I’ve got news for you, you won’t be there forever, especially after I share my 3 no-fail ways to get more quality reps under your belt.

Over here, with me as your coach, we don’t do sloppy reps or reps on our knees – you know those one push-ups that folks call “girl push-ups?” I cringe every single time I hear someone tell ladies to do them that way.

If you haven’t got your first push-up, we will do a modified version of the push-up, otherwise known as the Incline Push-up.

The Incline push-up is a regression of the Standard Push-up. The incline Push-up mimics the standard push-up – the body alignment is the same. The only difference is that your hands are elevated on a surface.

Performing your push-ups on your knees has very little carryover to progressing to a standard push-up IMO.

Knee push-ups don’t call on the entire body; you’re just pushing up your upper body.

The push-up is a full-body movement, not just an upper-body movement and we should treat it as such. The upper and lower body is included in the push-up.

First, if you are a beginner and haven’t been able to do them from your toes, I want you to do your push-ups on an incline – elevated surface. If you’re in the gym, you can perform them in a Squat Rack or a Smith Machine. A bench in the gym works as well.

If you train at home, a counter works well, a bench of some sort, and finally, if you are at a park, a park bench works great too!

As you get stronger with this modification, I want you to start lowering the incline, so that eventually you will be doing them on the ground. Whoop whoop!

How to Perform a proper push-up:

How to Perform a proper push-up:

  • Get in the push-up position – high plank, either on your hands or on dumbbells – dumbbells help to elevate the stress on the wrists if this is a factor for you. Your body should be in a straight line from head to toe!
  • Pack your shoulders – put your shoulders in your back pocket and keep them there. Your shoulders should never come up into your ears.
  • Brace your core/Squeeze your glutes! Your body should be stable and tight – stiff as a board!
  • Begin to lower without losing control of the body and your elbows should be tracking at about 30-45-degree angle – elbows should never flair! At the bottom of the push-up, your elbows should be at 90 degrees!
  • Push-up back up to the top with control and with the same body mechanics.

Always perform quality reps. No poo-poo reps. 💩🙅🏾‍♀️


Now, ladies, if you’re intermediate or advance –  here are my three ways to get your push-up game even STRONGER!


1. Eccentric Push-ups, also known as Negative Push-ups:


2. Bottoms Up Push-ups:


3. Pause Push-ups:


Give all the variations a try, let me know how it goes, and track your progress. Always train with good form – quality over quantity! I hope this blog will help you bust through your Push-up plateau. When you do please let me know, I can’t wait to celebrate with you!

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