Workout Wednesday: Hotel Room Bodyweight Workout

I’ve got a smoking butt burning and lung pumping workout for you today! Wanna try, I think you will love it. I threw this workout together today in my hotel. I’m currently in Princeton, NJ for business. The hotel gym is under construction, and a gym isn’t close enough – I don’t want to spend my time catching an Uber there and back. Could take upwards of 2 hours. Who has time for that?! Not I! Well, at least not today.

Movement is important to me, but I don’t have to do it in a gym. Remember something is always better than nothing!

Check out today’s workout:

The workout:

** 40/20

** 40 Sec Work :: 20 sec Rest – 40 sec for each movement and then rest 20 sec and then move on to the next exercise

Complete 3-5 rounds, depending on the time you have and your Fitness Level

** 3 rounds about 18-20 minutes

** 4 rounds approximately 24 minutes

** 5 rounds approximately 30 minutes

Adjust rest, time, and reps to fit for you!

1. 1.5 Band Bodyweight Squats
2. Modified Decline Spiderman Push-up
3. Elevated Single Leg Glute Bridge
4. Plank Valslide Push-Aways: Fwd & Laterally
5. Valslide Hamstring Curls
6. Valslide curtsy lung

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