Warm It up Kris – Mobility Monday

Mobility Monday

Warm that beautiful body of your up before you start lifting! 


Are you warming up before your workout? When I say warming up, I’m not talking about stretching. Stretching is not warming up.

Even if it’s a few set of bodyweight squats, some walking lunges, or jumping jacks, I think it’s a good start to your workout.

Your warm up doesn’t have to be super long and drawn out. 5-10 minutes will suffice. Sometimes you may need up to 15 minutes, but that’s a case by case basis.

So so important to do movement prep before you begin lifting the things! #LiftTheThings
You’ll body will thank you!

A dynamic warm is important to do pre workout because it helps to increase your body temperature, warm up our extremities, increase your range of motion, and prepare your nervous system.

Warming up with dynamic movements, not static stretching preps the body for the task at hand. Save the static stretching for the end of the workout.

Static stretching means to hold the stretch and dynamic means you are moving through a range of motion – incorporating movement. For example – walking lunges or walking knee hugs would be a dynamic warm up exercise.

I often get asked should I stretch before and after. I always say after your workout- think of our muscles as a piece of Laffy Taffy. If you bend and stretch a piece of Laffy Taffy, it will break. It needs to be warmed up, just like our muscles. Therefore static stretches are better suited for post workout this also includes runners.

Try this warm up prep before your next lifting session:
— Reps 5-10 reps ea side for unilateral movements
— 10 reps total for bilateral movements
— Can pick and choose which movements you need the most based on the warm up or time availability.

1. Single Leg Rock Back Adductor Warmup (l&r)
2. Single Leg Rock Back Adductor Thoracic Warmup (l&r)
3. Knee Hug to Cossack Squat or lateral lunge (l&r)
4. Squat to Stand
5. Push up to Down Dog
6. PVC Pipe Dislocations
7. PVC Pipe OH Squat

These movements are even good for when it’s an off day from training. We sit so much, if you aren’t on your feet often, break up your sitting time with some of these dynamic drills. Your mood and your body will Thank you!

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