Trainer Tip Tuesday – Half Kneeling Single Arm Landmine Press

Are your shoulders acting a little funny when you do Overhead Pressing movements? I have a great solutiuon for you today. Read the post below and watch the video demo. Here’s to no more shoulder pain!

Why the landmine press? It’s easier on the shoulder joint. The landmine press is also great for folks that had a shoulder issue in the past. This exercise puts less stress on the shoulder, whereas an overhead press can aggravate the shoulder. Traditional OH (overhead) press can be tough for some due to limited range of motion in the OH position.

Landmine Presses can be performed safely and pain free for just about everyone. – it’s a great movement for beginners as well.

If you’re new to pressing, the landmine press standing or kneeling is a great way to start shoulder work before moving on to traditional pressing movements.

💪🏾How To:

1. Get in a half kneeling position – Either side, you will do both.
2. Grab the end of the barbell with a neutral grip
3. Engage/Brace the core and squeeze your glute on the working side
**So, if your working arm is the left one, your left leg glute will be squeezed
4. Begin the movement by pressing the arm straight up
5. Keep your elbow in line with your obliques, don’t let it go to far back behind you.
6. Keep a neutral spine and your chin tucked – not hyper extended

Muscles Targeted:

Shoulders and arms
Building Strength and Stability

Check the video out here:


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