Movement Monday – The Bulgarian Split Squat

{Movement Monday} The Bulgarian Split Squatmovement monday bulgarian split squat

Sometimes you just don’t feel like regular squats, right? Well change it up from time to time with the Bulgarian Split Squat!

The Split Squat is great for helping with imbalances between legs while targeting the core. Ever catch yourself favoring one leg more than the other during bi-lateral exercises?

Train the Split Squat to increase your strength and bring the weaker side up! It’s also help build glute strength and hip stability.

✅ Find a bench that isn’t to high, about shin height. You could also lower a smith machine bar down to the appropriate height and do them. Sometimes a gym bench may work, however some of them may be to high. May have to play around with finding a bench that is not to high if your gym doesn’t have a split squat stand.
* If bench is to high, place a airex pad in front of the bench to decrease how far you have to do down.

* If your training at home – use your couch for a bench!

* On your choice of surface, stand in front of the bench – about a lunge distant and then place your rear foot on the bench.

* Execute reps by lowering down to just a bit above the floor also keep your torso upright and core engaged throughout the entire set.

* Best to begin with body weight. If you’re familiar with the movement, I love goblet style or you could hold two dumbbells, one in each hand.

✅ No need to go super heavy with this movement. It’s very effective without going heavy. Going for quality reps not quantity.

✅ The length of the split can target different areas: Shorter stance more quad work and longer stance – more hamstring recruitment.
* Ultimately the stance length is individual in nature. Play around with the stances to see what works best for you!

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Check the video out on the Tube!

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