Five Fitness Friday Favorites 4th Edition

Hey y’all! Happy Friday! I’m back with my 4th installment of Five Fitness Friday Favorites! ‪#‎FFFF‬

I hope you like them! Make sure you get up sang and dance with me! Enjoy!

1. GymBoss Timer: A good little gadget to add to your fitness collection. I have the Mini Max version. You can set and save several intervals, it has an alarm and beep function and its water, sweat, and shock resistant. I like that it also has a clip to clip to your tank top! Check it out here—>

2. FitAid: A great recovery drink. I love it, I drink it post workout! Check out the site here…… they have several different kinds. Check it out here—>

3. OS Trim Beef & Elk Snack Steak: High Protein- Really good and tasty. I love it because it’s a quick protein source. It has 14g of protein in one stick. I’ve tried the Habanero and the Sweet and Spicy one. So so good! Check it out here—>…/…/B00KKC6AJ8

4. Nectar Sweets Protein Powder: Want a change to a fruity tasting protein, give Nectar a try. I’ve tried Fuzzy Navel and Kiwi Strawberry. Out of the two, I like the strawberry flavored one the best. The mix ability is pretty decent. I do like the taste and it’s lactose free and gluten free. Check it out here—>…#

5. Jump Rope: Simple and effective – you can pick up a jump rope inexpensively and it travels well. It’s a great cardio tool too. No treadmill no problem, just jump!!

Watch my Five Fitness Friday Favorites on YouTube: My Favorites


Disclaimer- These items are not to be used to diagnose or treat any issues. These are my personal opinions on the items discussed in the video and no I am not an affiliate for them either. Just sharing what I like!

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