Bear Crawls – You Should be doing them!

Bear Crawls

A movement that you SHOULD be doing!

down to the core bear crawls

Bear Crawls are so good for the core! They can be progressed in many ways. You will also get a conditioning affect as well. We are starting with the basic Bear Crawl here.

I see so many folks butchering this exercise by going so fast, hips in the air, hips rocking, etc. Avoid that and do it properly! Check this tips below 👇🏾👇🏾

– Keep back flat, I should be able to sit a cup on your back. There’s hot lava in it, you better not spill it! LOL!
– Hips level with shoulders- no rocking back and forth. The movement should be controlled – nice and steady.
– resist the urge to rotate
– No butt up in the air
– Hands under shoulders
– Knees under hips
– Engage and Brace your core- you want to keep everything tight through each step
– Breathe through each rep
– Alternate arm and leg as you move forward

– Preform 10 yds or 15 -30 sec
– forward/backward
– Laterally left to right

If you do these properly, your abs will be on fire the next day. You will be feeling it throughout your entire core!

This move will translate over to everyday life- Stronger core, healthy low back, more stability, and strength!




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