Diet Detox Teas are A Scam!

diet detox teas are a scam

Tweet: Diet detox teas are a scam. You have an internal detox system – it’s your liver and kidneys!

You do not need any cleanses or teas to jump start your weight loss. You have kidneys and liver that do all the detoxing you may need. If they aren’t functioning right then you need to go to a doctor.

Save your coins and jump start your weight loss by taking sane and sustainable steps that lead to long term sucess.

I am so tired of seeing the those diet teas pushed. Their nothing more than a diuretic with some crazy ingredients. Some even claim to speed up your metabolism – thats a flat out lie. The only way you will increase your metabolism is through maintaining and gaining muscle.#MuscleEqualsMetabolism


Fyi – dieting slows your metabolism, therefore it is very wise to moderately lose weight overtime.

You’ll just be on the toilet sh!!! your guts out! 💩😷It’s only water weight that you lose in the first place. You are not losing any pounds. Fat loss first and foremost happens with caloric deficit, followed by strength training (lift the things to maintain muscle during a caloric deficit), and last cardio/conditioning.

Drink good ole high quality H2o! Water is a diuretic itself, hell drink some coffee. Much cheaper than them damn detoxes.

Ladies leave the cleanses and the quick fixes alone. Put in the work, change your habits, eat well and move your body.


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