5 Ways to work with the Body – Dieting is not one of them!


5 ways to work with the body


Diets work against the body, in every sense of the word. Diets set you up for failure in the long run. We have to deny, deprive, restrict, restrain, ban, and avoid foods that supposedly cause weight gain. Doing these very things – denying, depriving, will ultimately lead to weight regain when the diet is over.


Dictionary: Diet – Restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight: it’s difficult to diet.


Note it’s very difficult to diet. Even the dictionary knows it’s difficult to diet. It’s very difficult and restrictive – which eventually leads to binging on the restricted food. It’s not very healthy for the mindset nor the body to ban foods to lose the weight. Guilt and shame enters the picture once you fail and the binge – restrict – cycle begins. Dieting for weight loss is not working with the body.


5 ways to work with the body


  1. Work with the body, not against it. Cultivate the progress by first putting the scale away, especially if you attach moral judgment to it. It is a very small part of the equation. The scale Spurs body shame. We shame ourselves for what the number says. It’s just a number that has no bearing on anything.


  1. Rely on other things such as your jeans or the dress you shoved to the back of the closet. Better yet, instead of dwelling on a pair of jeans from your college days, buy a new pair that works with your body – go on girl, cause you’re the bomb right now. Wouldn’t it feel good to fit into a pair of jeans right now, that fit you in all the right places? I wrote on


  1. Focus on what you can do today. We have no control over whether the scale will move forward or backwards. So as you go on this journey of body change – “Ask yourself what can you do today?” Not tomorrow but today. Do the things, embrace the journey, work on the old habits and change them to new or better habits.


  1. Focusing strictly on weight loss shrinks the body with muscle (you’ll just be a smaller version of yourself with no muscle tone) and fat in tow. Whereas, fat loss is about preserving as much muscle as possible. You’ll be much firmer and tighter. Remember this – muscle = metabolism. Dieting can strip you of hard earned muscle. Lose the fat, not the muscle, by losing slowly.
    1. To preserve the muscle while lifting weights, you must do strength training. Lifting heavy weights is relative to each individual person. What may be heavy for one person may be light for another and vice versa.


  1. Lastly – I know I said it already, but work with the body, not against it! Build your body with love. Cultivate a relationship with it. Treat yo body right and #getyoMindRight


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