5 Myths that you can let go forever!

Five Fitness Friday Facts – 5 myths that you can forever let go!

5 Myths that you can let go forever!





1. Eating gluten free/insert buzzword – does not mean you will lose weight automatically. Gluten free or eating clean does not mean it’s calorie free. Eat too much of anything you will gain. End of story.

Fyi- gluten free products are just as carby as their former counterparts. As a matter of fact they can have more carbs because they are making up for taste.










2. No food is actually clean! Do you wash your food with soap? Again clean foods do not mean calorie free.


5 Myths that you can let go forever!


3. It’s very common to over eat and over estimate calorie burn (trackers grossly under or over tally calories). Just because you you ran 6 miles doesn’t mean the food you ate for the day will necessarily be burned off. You can do yourself a huge favor and cut back on the cardio especially if your are trying to lose weight.

*The more you exercise the more food you need, therefore you’ll need to fuel your body properly for the activity. With that being said you won’t be in a deficit, you’ll be in a surplus i.e. weight gain.

When doing cardio, you want the minimal effective dose to elicit fat loss or you’ll just be a smaller version of yourself with no muscle bc you burned it all off.


4. The notion that cardio comes first when trying to lose weight is not the best strategy. You don’t have to get in shape with cardio to lose weight – you’ll actually end up need more and more. #BecauseEfficiency


Your bread and butter is lifting weights in conjunction with the cardio. The goal should always be first and foremost to increase muscle or maintain muscle. Because after all muscle equals metabolism and that’s what you want.


5. Eat less exercise more is not the best approach. EL – EM is actually hurts you in the long run. Eat to lose – no low low calories, eat to support your activity level and set your calories with a modest deficit.


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