5 Fitness Friday Favorites – Battle Of The Protein Bars

Five Fitness Friday Favorites Battle of The Protein Bars

Hey guys! I’m back with Five Fitness Friday Favorites – Battle of the Protein Bars!

I love me a good protein bar! Like many, Quest is one of my favorite brands – particularly the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor followed by the Cookies and Creme one! Mmm good!
This week, I want to review 5 different bands of bars for you guys! As I come across new bars, I will be sure to share a review with you! Protein bars are great for when you are in pinch and need a quick bite! Protein bars should definitely never replace real food. But like everything else – all foods can have a place in your diet. No food is bad or good, neither clean or dirty.

Let me know which ones you have tried and what’s your favorite one from the 5 reviewed today!

1. Power Crunch Protein Energy Bar (Peanut Butter Fudge)- Tasty, wafer texture. Low on the protein side (13g) for my liking. It says its supposed to be an energy bar, but it doesn’t has much substance in my opinion to make it an energy bar- not enough carbs imo! Check it out here: http://ow.ly/ZG081

2. Oatmega (Chocolate Coconut Crisp) – I like this bar! Pretty tasty! Nutrient dense, a good amount of fiber, and a healthy ingredient list. The protein amount isn’t too bad (14g) – could be higher for my liking. The cool thing for me is the bar is made from grass fed whey and the healthy ingredient list!
Check it out here: http://givebar.com/products/bars/chocolate-coconut-crisp

3. Carnivor Protein Bar (Chocolate Peanut Butter) I love the amount of protein in this bar – a whooping 30g! Taste is decent, could definitely be a meal replacement bar because of the higher calorie content. I do like that it’s a premium protein blend from beef! The ingredient list is suspect – however that’s neither here or there. No one bar will kill you or be toxic to your system – if you only eat it every now and then!
Check it out here: http://musclemedsrx.com/proteinbar-2

4.Vega Sport Protein Bar- This is one is for my vegetarian folks! Not a bad bar. I was highly surprised – due to my experience with brown rice based proteins. They tend be chalky. Wouldn’t be my go to bar – but not bad. The protein content is 15g – so thats good! Give it try y’all. Check it out here: https://myvega.com/products/vega-sport-protein-bar/

5. Caveman Bar- This one won for best taste out of my five bar review! Low on the protein scale – 5g. The bar claims to give energy – and it may, but to me it’s low on the carb side for intense training, imo! It is paleo friendly, dairy and nut free, and gluten free. So if you need to watch out for those things, then your good to go. They do carry a bar that is called the Primal Bar and it has more protein. So I’ll have to check that out! Check it out here:http://www.cavemanfoods.com/products/dark-chocolate-almond-coconut

Welp, that’s it y’all for your Five Friday Fitness Favorites Battle of The Bars Edition! I hope you enjoyed it! Hit me back if you have any questions or comments.

P.S. Can you do me a favor? Hit me back with your fitness, nutrition, or health related questions – over here. Next weeks Fitness Friday Favorites will be 5 questions!


Disclaimer- These items are not to be used to diagnose or treat any issues. These are my personal opinions on the items discussed in the video and no I am not an affiliate for them either. Just sharing what I like!


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