5 Booty Building exercises that will build glorious Glutes!

I like big butts, and I cannot lie! Glutes are one of my favorite things to train, amongst many muscles, but glutes are our powerhouse – they need to be and should be strong.

If your back is hurting, if your knees are hurting… take a look at your glutes. If you are having any aches and pains, I recommend you double down on your glute work. Plus, who doesn’t want a nice butt? A butt that fills out your jeans, but most importantly a strong and healthy backside!

Even if you are good in the glute department, it’s still important to include glute work in your training. Squats and deadlifts alone only get your backside to a certain point. It simply isn’t enough; you have probably noticed this if you have only been doing squats and deads for a while now.

Without further ado, in today’s blog post, I am sharing my favorite go-to glute exercises that I think you should be doing!

1. Glute bridges and Hip Thrusts are your supreme go-to glute enhancers, builders, and strengtheners.

I know you’re probably thinking “but what about Squats?”. Yes, do your squats, but squats only take the glute shape and development to a point. Yep, squats will make your butt look better and make it strong, but the shapely bubble butt comes from bridges and hip thrusts.



2. Sumo Deadlifts

I know, I know, I said don’t get stagnant just doing deadlifts, but this a different style of deadlift that will target the glutes more than the conventional deadlift.

The sumo deadlift calls for more glute and hip recruitment than the conventional deadlift.

So, be sure to sprinkle in this variation of the deadlift every now and then.



3. Bulgarian Split Squats

I have a love-hate relationship with the Split Squat. I still do them because they are so good for the booty and the quads. With the Split squat, you can really feel the glutes working – I feel it on both sides, even the one that is in the back on the bench.

Not only that, you get to work on your single leg stability, something that many of us probably don’t do enough of.

Take your time with these, and err on the side of lighter weight so you can really get the form down pat. If this is your first time doing them, please do them with your bodyweight only. Master the movement and then add resistance. Kapeesh!


4. Band Kettlebell Swings

I have been really loving these as of late. The glute pump from these are insane. We already know how awesome the swing is in itself. Adding the band to the equation gives the swing a little more oomph. It really forces the hips and the glutes to work hard.

No band available? Still, do your Kettlebell swings. They are so good for developing your glutes and keeping your hips strong.


5. 1.5 Barbell Back Squats

1.5 Squats are fire for the glutes and the quads. I know, earlier I mentioned you have to take things a bit further than just squats, which is why I am sharing a different variation of the squat.

Doing this style of squats is putting the glutes under more tension, which will activate the glutes more and cause new muscle growth.

With the 1.5 Squat you are going down to a full squat, then coming 1/2 way up, then back down to the bottom of the squat, and finally back up to the top. Woo wee, it’s like 3 reps in 1.

You won’t need a ton of weight on the bar for this one. Error on the side of lighter weight!

So, that’s it my strong, beautiful friends! Five lovely ways to build Glorious glutes!


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