Workout Wednesday – A Booty and Leg Workout

Happy Hump day y’all!

Today’s workout is gonna hit the glutes (bum) and your legs real nice. Grab a super band or a resistance band, and a hip circle or mini band.

In the video, I show you an example of what to use if you don’t have a mini band or hip circle.

Here’s where to buy them if you like: Hip CircleMini BandBig Bands (Super band)  

Todays workout is Rest Based Training Style- Push until you can/Rest until you can go again – As Many Rounds As Possible in 20 Minutes

1. Squat- Rev Lunge-Rev Lunge- Squat – Repeat x10 – Count the squats

2. Seated Band Hip Abductions – x20

3. Glute Bridge/Marches- x10: Count the bridges – Do the glute bridge then march with hips lifted

4. Band Good Mornings x20

Video Demo⬇️

Let me know how it goes!

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