Track Tuesday – Sprints do the body good!

Track Tuesday!! Want to get faster? Then sprint or do interval work! I love sprinting and you just might too! Side affects: Tighter Rounder Glutes, Tighter Core/Abs, Strong Powerful Legs, some muscle growth = metabolism and preserve your muscle at the same time, and increase your anaerobic and aerobic capacity. The icing on the cake – sprints burn fat like nobody’s business!Track Tuesday Sprints do the body good!
Now, I do realize sprints may not be for everyone. However, you can certainly work up to sprinting with a faster speed over time. Just like lifting heavy weights, it’s all relative. One person may be able to run 100 yds in 20 sec, while another may run it in 45 sec. Guess what? That’s totally okay! So, don’t let your speed deter you from sprinting
New to sprinting? If so, you may want to start with hill sprints or start pretty slow – not 100% effort. Hill sprints have less impact on the joints and less risk of pulling a hamstring!
If you are a runner, incorporating sprints will hugely impact your running times for your races!
1. Always always warm up before sprinting. I like to walk a lap and then a slow jog. Once I am done with those two things, I do some dynamic warm up drills, to name just a few:
✅ Leg Swings – side to side and front to back
✅ Deep Squat to Hamstring Stretch
✅ Karaoke Steps
✅ High Knees
✅ Butt Kicks
2. The first few sprints aren’t usually max effort. I work up to max effort after a few sprints are under my belt, when I feel that my leg muscles are really warm and ready to go!
3. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and sprint!
Today’s video, my workout suggestion is sprints and some body weight movements
✅ 10 total sprints
✅ Run the straight away – 100 yds, Haven’t sprinted in awhile? Take it easy and sprint 50 yds and/or do 5-6 total sprints
✅ Jog or Walk the curve and add 10 reps of a body weight movement (optional)
Have fun and let me know how it goes!
Check out my video on the Tube!

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