Persistence beats Perfection every single time!

Persistence beats Perfection every single timeYou know, one of the reasons we give up is “Perfection” – we believe that things have to be black or white or that it’s either All or Nothing!

We literally get paralyzed by it – we insist that things have to be perfect before we get started. No one is really perfect, but what we can do is be “Persistent”!  When it comes to body change/health change, we want to change “All” the things all at once. My head hurts just thinking about changing all the things at once!

Persistence is a lot more forgiving than perfection. Perfection asks you to do all things right without messing up. We know what happens when we screw up, right? Guilt and shame for not doing things right. The next thing you know, you throw your hands up in despair because you “failed” – failed to stick to a rigid plan, and then you tell yourself that you’ll start again next Monday.  The cycle starts all over again, and in between your “failure” and Monday, there isn’t any effort towards your goal at all.


The problem with perfection is that it’s an all or nothing approach, and I don’t think that works in any part of our lives.  Persistence, on the other hand, gives you the flexibility to roll with the punches – make a mistake, recover, and move on.

With persistence, there is no rigid plan that requires perfection – instead, each day is a new day to make better choices and slowly improve our habits.  It’s also sustainable – something that perfection is not.

Diets require perfection, willpower, and strict guidelines. Diets have no wiggle room or grey area. It is what it is, a black and white system.

Persistence doesn’t ask for everything to be perfect. In fact, it doesn’t have anything to do with perfection. Becoming a healthier individual doesn’t require perfection, it requires persistence and consistency. Yes, it’s hard to change habits, change some of the unhealthier foods out with healthier ones, etc…

However, it’s not impossible. It may take longer than your peers who are on a 21-day quick fix or a 1200 calorie diet. Let me tell you; it’s well worth it because slow fat loss is sustainable fat loss – you want it to be slow. You may not know it yet, but you do. If those quick fixes worked, people wouldn’t be continually trying the next “new” thing in weight loss.

I know you are very tired of going on diet after diet year after year, losing the same 10-15 pounds.


Persistence, patience, perseverance, progress, during body change, are the 4 factors to sustainable success. The outcome will be sustainable weight loss – sustainable fat loss will take a little longer, and it should. At first, it will be hard to resist the quick fix train – you’ll want to go back to the old ways because it’s easier. It was easier to follow a meal plan, right? Remember that you lost that weight and now it’s back again – how many times do you want to do that again?

So, really, what do you have to lose by following a sustainable approach?


Being persistent will be tough, but not impossible, whereas perfection is impossible! You’ll be figuring out how to eat without following a clock. You’ll be listening to your body – biofeedback about your hunger. Basically, you will be gray matter, where there will be no hard and fast rules, nor rigid guidelines. You will have to think for yourself.


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