Treats, sweets, and thangs! How to navigate Holiday Eats.

Treats and more treats. They are always available, aren’t they?


They are not going anywhere; it’s imperative that we build a healthy relationship with all foods and that’s to include sweets, treats, and things. Gasp – carbs too!


Today, I want to share with you some of my sweets, treats, and thangs strategies.


First, I treat myself anytime I want, because food or treats are never off limits. Therefore, I have no scarcity mindset around food or about food. I don’t save it for special occasions, or only eat it on weekends. I sprinkle it in whenever or wherever.


I eat anything that I want, but not everything – key word here “everything!” Everything doesn’t strike my fancy.


I don’t like everything, and I’m sure you don’t either. I eat foods that I enjoy, ones that taste good to me, ones that appeal to me.


How to Navigate all the treats that are available pretty much all the time:

My top strategies for navigating all the sweets, not just at Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc.. starts with knowing that candy, cookies, ice cream, or whatever is always available. It is not going anywhere. It is always abundantly available.

We don’t have to try to fit it in all at once as if we can never have it again. We can have it anytime we like if we want it.

When has there ever been a shortness of sweets, treats, and thangs? Never.

The only shortage is one that we create by banning foods because the diet that we are on forbids us to enjoy something sweet.

Allow yourself to have some. Have a few bites, really savor every bite. If the next bite isn’t as good as the first bite, then don’t finish it.

One thing to think about when eating candy, opting not to have any, or choosing to have it. Candy is always available, right? You can go to the store anytime you want and get the same candy that is available for the holidays.

The only difference is that it’s shaped into a pumpkin, a turkey, a jingle bell, or Santa Claus.

Fomo (Fear of Missing Out)- the candy is always available!

You’re not missing out on the candy because it’s always available. You don’t have to eat it unless you want to eat it.

Pick 2 or 3 of your favorite pieces. We get into the habit of eating candy because it’s there, it’s on the corner of your co-worker’s desk. Would you even think about candy if it wasn’t available?

Think about all the treats that will be available over the next several weeks. Have the ones you really love and leave the rest. You know Granny’s Strawberry upside down lemon double layer cake or something like that?  Have the cake instead of 5 Christmas tree shaped almond joys – something that is available all the time.

See where I am going? At the end of the day, pick your nutrition battles. Feeling good, staying in your power, staying fit throughout the holiday season doesn’t have to be a burden or an all or nothing system. It certainly doesn’t have to be hard.


Pick the foods and treats that you love the most and leave the rest!


Lastly, if you happen to overeat some treats, it is not the end of the world, all is never lost unless you let it be. Don’t throw the baby out with the dishwater. Get right back in your power, all is not lost. No need to cardio yourself to death, that really doesn’t work anyway. It just creates more stress. You’re always one meal away from being back in your power!


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