Friday Fitness Favorites


Hey loves,

Wanted to share my some of my favorite fitness things to help you lift the things. Hope you like them too!

1. Hip Circle- This thing is life. If you have been using mini bands for glute work or for dynamic warm-ups, you know that they can slide around, roll up, pinch, or pull some hairs out. Ouch! I discovered the hip Circle about a year ago and I use it for all my accessory glute work and for warm ups before I start to lift. Check it out here:

2. Thera Cane/back buddy- Have you ever used one of these before? You can get to those hard to reach places if you have any aches in your back or your shoulders. The cool thing is you get to apply as much or as little pressure as you like. Check it out here:

3. Versa Gripps- I love these things. They are so much better than gloves- they have great gripping capabilities and no slippage. Once you use a pair of these, you’ll understand what I mean. I use them specifically on my back training days. I tend to go heavy as I can and my grip will go out before fatigue sets in. They are just real solid tool to have in your gym bag. Check it out here:

4. Rumble Roller- So, I think by now we all know what a foam roller is, or you have at least seen this foam shaped device laying around the gym, or perhaps you seen someone rolling on it. Well, it’s used for self mayo fascia release (SMR). It’s exactly what you’re thinking. Self massage and it feels and hurts so good at the same time. Alas, my favorite style of roller is the Rumble Roller. It’s an upgrade from the traditional roller. It’s much denser and you can much get deeper into those sore muscles. So if you like deep tissue massage this one might be for you. If not, there are several different styles and densities to choose from. Check it out here:

5. Hydro flask- Hydrate, hydrate! I have a 40 oz one and I keep it filled all day. I also carry it everywhere I go, so I’m never without water. It keeps your water cool or your beverage hot, in addition it’s steel, so there’s no harmful BPA chemicals like some water bottles have. Check it out here:

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