Diet Rant

diet rant

I first wrote this post over on my Beauty of Strength Facebook page; it got great traction. I was stocked! Several people shared my post. So, I thought I post here on my blog too!

Facebook Post

Full disclosure, I’ve had it. There may be a bit of swearing in the post ahead. Not your thing? Don’t like it… #bye!

Stop worrying about shit like whether it’s gluten free, paleo, or is this shit natural when you don’t even have the basics in order. All those things still have calories – you’re not gonna magically lose weight because it’s gluten free, or so-called clean.

Look here – another thing – every freaking body can’t buy organic or buy sustainably grown, or some bullshit like that. Look, don’t feel bad about it. Do your best with what you have available.

Do what you can, with what you have.

1. Eat more protein

2. More veggies

3. Eat less processed foods

4. Eat more meals home cooked by you if you can

5. Ask for your food to be prepared how you like it when you’re out to eat.

6. Want the damn cookie, eat the damn cookie and move on.

7. Ate too much, okay! Sooooo…. It’s done and over. Pick right up where you left off.

8. Food and guilt don’t belong in the same sentence.

It ain’t no damn secrets, and bone broth is good, but there are no magical properties to that either.

Okay, I’m good. I had to let that out. Wait, one more thing – sugar is not equivalent to heroin. So please stop saying that bullshit!

There are many things or stuff that we do that affects the dopamine centers in our brain. I don’t think; I have to list them all – you get the point.

If we could just stop with the fear mongering that happens in the fitness and nutrition arena, that would be great.

Cheers, now go and lift the things and eat all the macronutrient groups if it suits you!

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