What will you BUILD in 2022?

Writing down goals and habits

What will you BUILD in 2022?

Will it be things that build you up or tear you down?

Will you build sustainable habits or will you do more quick fixes that are unsustainable?

Will it be…

Unsustainable health changes

  • More fear of food
  • More obsessive fitness regimens
  • More discorded eating patterns
  • More banned food groups
  • More dieting.
  • More quick fixes
  • More restriction
  • More cardio
  • More detoxes and cleanses
  • More extreme measures


Will it be…

Sustainable Health Changes

  • More food freedom
  • More muscle
  • More feelings of badassery- that’s what lifting will do
  • More strength
  • More mental clarity
  • More space for other things than diets – more mental space for other things in life. Being well fed allows you to live your best life!
  • More calories to cut from so that when you do cut – do a fat loss phase, you don’t have to cut so low to move the needle.
  • More personal bests
  • More energy
  • More fitness to crush the everyday activities.
  • More focus on what your body can do than tearing it down all the time through unhealthy means or disrespecting it with the words that you use against it.

Asking from one STRONG friend to another?!

MORE of the right things or ways to approach your health – MORE, in terms of what can you add, what can you grow, what can you enhance, or what you can nurture. More in a good way, not necessarily changing all the things at once, in a way that enhances your life, not stresses or hinders it!

I can tell you this; your journey will be much more consistent & sustainable when you look through the lens of what you can add vs. what you take away!

Growth, freedom, a better relationship with yourself & food, energy, strength, etc. through committing to do things in a better way!

What will it be, STRONG friend?!

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