Supersets For Short Workouts: Trainer Tip Tuesday

Hey y’all, I’m back with an installment of Trainer Tip Tuesday.

Use supersets when you’re short on time!

  • Supersets are two exercise movements back to back
  • Can be opposing muscle groups – push and pull exercises, such as Push ups followed by TRX Row or Pull ups followed by Incline DB Press
  • Can be the same muscle groups – Barbell Back Squat followed by Jump Squats  or Romanian Deadlifts followed by Leg Hamstring Curls
  • You can also pair an upper body movement and lower body movement for a super set -Ex: Front Squats with Barbell Push Press, Pull ups with Deadlifts
  • The possibilities are endless!

No time to workout?! Incorporate supersets into your workouts when your short on time, you can cover more ground in a short amount of time. Ha ha, that was a little rhyme!

Check out more on supersets in the video below:

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