Moderation does work

moderation does work


Moderation is the avoidance of extremism.

Extremism is pushing it to the limit:

– the quality or state of being extreme – not eating a loved food such as ice cream forever. Eating nothing but junk food is also extreme. Extremism sounds like a diet and smells like a diet.

Extremism has a short expiration date, whereas moderation does not have an end date.

Moderation can be done for life. Eating moderately can help with your to fat loss efforts as well as weight management. Moderation goes hand in hand with a flexible diet (the way you eat).

Flexible nutrition allows for all foods to be part of your diet (the way you eat). No banned foods. No foods are placed off limits, regardless of physique goals.

Moderation isn’t easy, but it is possible.

I believe it does work, but just like anything worth having in life you have to work for it. It will take a whole lot of practice and execution.

If you’re truly tired of doing diets, gaining and losing the same 10 – 15 pounds year after year, moderation might appeal to you – after reading this, I hope it does. What do you really have to lose?

We’ve been losing (making little to no progress) on the diet front by only eating the so-called “clean” foods.  It doesn’t work long term.

I think the reason people discredit moderation and say that it just doesn’t work is that it’s not clear-cut – it’s just not easy.

We would rather be told what to eat and when to eat it.

How would you know it doesn’t work if you have never actually given it a try – for more than two weeks or even three months? It will take some mindset work, as well as some thinking for yourself – governing yourself.

We don’t like what we don’t understand. It’s easier to follow a set of rules. I know, because I did it too. I ate exactly what the diet said to eat, down to the gram. No deviations, and when I did, I felt so guilty. That’s where the cycle begins; the first hiccup starts it all. Am I right? The binge – restrict-binge cycle on replay.

What I understand now is that there is a better way to navigate nutrition, to lose fat, and maintain the fat loss. The approach has to be sustainable, sane, and enjoyable. Banning food is not sustainable and definitely not enjoyable.

So, why moderation?

  1. Moderation gives you the freedom to eat what you want and when you want it without binging on something later.
    • This is a daily practice – you are going to screw it up, but if you are willing to put the work in day in and day out you will get there.
    • Another thing, once you realize that you have control over the food and not the other way, that’s when the magic happens. Food is not your ruler.

2. Moderation keeps cravings at bay! The mere thought of dieting brings on thoughts of foods that you can’t have. Once you deem a food off limits, you can’t stop thinking about it and craving it.

During a caloric deficit phase, if you take a moderate, flexible approach, you can have treats within your plan. You can sprinkle them in where ever you please.

Moderation is not what you see plastered all over social media with butt loads of treats. What you see there is extreme and their really not just eating junk food. Moderation gives people the space to avoid banning foods and keep them in their diets without derailing progress. The alternative is binging on the foods you banned for the last 12 weeks.

The first and most important factor of moderation is always to eat nutritionally sound.

Always cover your whole foods – fruits, starchy carbs, fibrous veggies, build your meals around protein (protein at every meal), including fats (healthy fats). Then you can add a treat here and there with a mindful approach.

Lastly, moderation is a flexible approach to nutrition that I believe can help everyone in some form. I do not believe you have to ban any foods to have success with body change. If you ban foods, you better be able to do it for life. Otherwise, it’s a diet with an expiration date. We all know what happens at the end of the diet. Need I say more?


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