How to feel your glutes working!

glute training

Do you have trouble feeling your glutes when you are training?

Are your glutes rarely sore after leg day? Not that you should always be sore! However, when you had a really great glute workout, you’ll be able to tell that you worked your glutes. The soreness feels different than the soreness that our legs get.

Well, if you don’t feel them, you’re not alone.  Many women struggle to feel their glutes working. So many women tell me they aren’t feeling it when they are doing their squats, or they don’t feel their hip thrusts – they are feeling them in their backs or that their quads are sorer.

The solution is two-fold here.

One – Squats, in general, are generally more quad dominant.

Squats do work the glutes, but they are also targeting the quads. I still want you to do Squats because they are a great compound exercise and they have their place – they are one of the primary foundational lifts. Keep squats in your programming because they are one of the main components of a well-rounded training program!

If you struggle with feeling squats in your glutes, an excellent solution to bring your glutes into play is to place a mini band around your knees when you’re doing Squats.

Adding a band to your squats will call your glutes into play because the band will force you to press out against it, which will activate your glutes.

Also, if your form can stay solid during squats, you can do ATG Squats (Ass to the Grass). With ATG Squats, you’ll squat to below parallel, where your hamstring touches your calf. Not everyone can do ATG Squats safely, so if you have form breaks, don’t do them. There are plenty of other ways to directly target the glutes.

2nd – are you prepping, activating the glutes before you start Lifting?

If you’re not, I would recommend waking up your glutes with some glute activation exercises such as clamshells, glute bridges, band or cable pull throughs, lateral band walks, kickbacks, donkey kicks – to name just a few! You can add a band to the mentioned exercises as well.  You will want to place the band around your knees above or below – either top or bottom – personal preference or to see where you’re feeling your glutes the most.

Another reason that you may be struggling to feel your glutes is the mind-muscle-connection.

I see so many folks just going through the motions or going too fast! Focus on engaging the muscles that you’re training, seriously connect with them, slow down the tempo, and be present. Make sure you are squeezing your glutes at the top like you’re trying to crack a walnut or squeezing a penny between your butt cheeks, lol!

Lastly, warm up your glutes with a few exercises, but don’t overtax them before you start lifting.

Remember it’s just a warm-up – I also wouldn’t use the heaviest band. Aim for 8 -15 reps – 2 to 3 sets!

Give these tips a shot, and I’ll bet you’ll start feeling dem glutes, my STRONG friend!!


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